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100 Worst Fantasy Football Team Names: 2023 The Hall of Shame’s Edition

Today, you will find our collection of the 100 worst fantasy football team names, grouped by themes! These team names are intentionally terrible and may not be suitable for all audiences. 

From failed puns to inappropriate humor, we’ve got a wide variety of cringe-worthy options that you should probably avoid using for your own team. 

However, if you’re looking for a good laugh or a lighthearted way to poke fun at the genre, you’ve come to the right place. Just remember to always consider your audience and use discretion when choosing a team name. 


Puns Gone Wrong

These team names are an attempt at wordplay that didn’t quite hit the mark. They combine the names of football players or other football-related terms with phrases or ideas in ways that may be confusing or forced, resulting in puns that fall flat.

  1. The Misfit Gronks
  2. The Un-Beckhams
  3. The Agholocaust
  4. The Kaepernicks of Time
  5. The Forgetting Brandon Marshalls
  6. The Vicarious Lambs
  7. The Inglorious Bradfords
  8. The Brady Gaga
  9. The Fournetteflix and Chill
  10. The Wentz Upon a Time
  11. The Kittle Corn
  12. The Le’Veon La Vida Loca
  13. The Goffensive Line
  14. The Kamara Shy
  15. The Luckness Monster
  16. The Mixon Impossible

Offensive or Politically Incorrect

These team names are controversial, offensive, or in poor taste, as they touch on sensitive topics like race, politics, or social issues. 

They may be considered inappropriate or disrespectful and are likely to provoke strong reactions from others in your league.

  1. The Touchdown Syndrome
  2. The Ethnic Cleansers
  3. The Suspicious Packages
  4. The Border Wall Builders
  5. The Racial Drafters
  6. The Domestic Blitzers
  7. The Dictatorship of Points
  8. The Offensive Linemen
  9. The Steroid Shooters
  10. The Bribe Takers

Toilet Humor

These team names are based on bathroom-related humor, ranging from the mildly crude to the downright gross. 

They may appeal to those with a more juvenile sense of humor, but could be considered distasteful or off-putting to others.

  1. The Farting Ferrets
  2. The Pooping Punters
  3. The Diarrhea Dancers
  4. The Crapping Crusaders
  5. The Toilet Bowl Titans
  6. The Constipated Conquerors
  7. The Turd Touchdowns
  8. The Urinal Cake Eaters
  9. The Septic Tank Swimmers
  10. The Skidmark Scorers

Random and Absurd

These team names are bizarre, nonsensical, or just plain weird. They include references to unlikely animals, objects, or situations that have nothing to do with football or sports in general. 

While they may be amusing to some, they could also be seen as overly silly or irrelevant.

  1. The Lactose Intolerant Llamas
  2. The One-Legged Unicorns
  3. The Overweight Narwhals
  4. The Undercooked Chicken Wings
  5. The Confused Chinchillas
  6. The Inebriated Sea Cucumbers
  7. The Aggressive Avocado Toasts
  8. The Blindfolded Squirrels
  9. The Anxious Astronauts
  10. The Malfunctioning Microwaves
  11. The Flammable Flamingos
  12. The Radioactive Jellybeans
  13. The Peculiar Penguins
  14. The Disgruntled Dry Cleaners
  15. The Left-Handed Lobsters

Pop Culture Mishaps

These team names attempt to incorporate references to movies, TV shows, music, or other elements of popular culture. 

However, the mash-ups miss the mark, often resulting in confusing or cringe-worthy combinations that don’t quite work.

  1. The Jedi Janitors
  2. The Kardashian Kickers
  3. The SpongeBob SquarePantsless
  4. The Batman and Rubbish
  5. The Justin Bieber Brawlers
  6. The Daenerys Targaryen’s Beagles
  7. The Crouching Tiger Hidden Foot
  8. The Miley Cyrus Virus
  9. The Twilight Breaking Wind
  10. The Avengers: Age of Ugh-tron
  11. The Lord of the Tight Ends
  12. The Fast and the Curious
  13. The Hangover IV: Game Day
  14. The Fifty Shades of Clay
  15. The Harry Potter and the Half-Point Losers

Poorly Thought-out Mascots

These team names feature mascots or characters that are uninspired, undesirable, or just plain unappealing. 

They may evoke feelings of pity, annoyance, or disgust, rather than the sense of pride or camaraderie that a good team name should inspire.

  1. The Fumbling Fleas
  2. The Wimpy Walruses
  3. The Broken Broomsticks
  4. The Depressed Dodos
  5. The Sad Sausages
  6. The Burnt Toasts
  7. The Roadkill Racers
  8. The Disorganized Desks
  9. The Miserable Mosquitoes
  10. The Bumbling Bumblebees

The Negative Connotations

These team names have a decidedly pessimistic or self-deprecating tone. 

They focus on failure, defeat, or other negative aspects of the game, setting a tone of low expectations and disappointment for the team.

  1. The Pathetic Punters
  2. The Loser Linebackers
  3. The Defeated Defenders
  4. The Fail-tastic Four
  5. The Sad Sacks
  6. The Mediocre Men
  7. The Bottom of the Barrel
  8. The Hopeless Hail Marys
  9. The Terrible Touchdowns
  10. The Dreadful Drafters

Just Plain Lazy

These team names suggest a lack of effort or enthusiasm, either in their creation or in the team’s overall approach to the game. 

They may be uninspired, dull, or simply indifferent, conveying a message of apathy rather than team spirit.

  1. The Whatever Warriors
  2. The Meh Maulers
  3. The Yawn Yard Gainers
  4. The Snooze Scrimmagers
  5. The Couch Potatoes
  6. The Blah Blitzers
  7. The Procrastinating Players
  8. The Indifferent Interceptors
  9. The Apathetic Athletes
  10. The Lackadaisical Linebackers

Unintentionally Inappropriate

These team names might seem innocent at first glance, but upon closer examination, they reveal unintended innuendos or double meanings. 

They may cause awkwardness or embarrassment, particularly in mixed company or more conservative settings.

  1. The Third and Long Dongs
  2. The Penetrating Passers
  3. The Sweaty Balls
  4. The Moist Men

Your Turn

We hope you enjoyed this entertaining (and intentionally terrible) journey through the 100 worst fantasy football team names. 

We understand that not all of these names will be to everyone’s taste, but we hope they brought a smile to your face, or at the very least, gave you an idea of what not to name your team.

Let’s know which one is your favorite!

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