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A Comprehensive FantasyPros Review 2022

FantasyPros organizes all of the fantasy football advice from experts around the world of football, and converts it all into quick and digestible pieces of information, software, and analytics that anyone from a casual to hardcore player will enjoy.

This FantasyPros review will show that the site is truly unique in the sense that it brings everything to you, and gives you so many tools and features to get better as a fantasy football player.

An Overview of FantasyPros

FantasyPros works by tracking the accuracy of leading fantasy football experts, and then consolidating that information into rankings. From there, users can select which experts to follow, and a bevy of awesome features means you can sync all of their analysis into one place: FantasyPros.

On top of that, FantasyPros constantly feeds you real-time recommendations from experts, and you can even pick which experts you’d like to hear from the most.


During the draft, you can see real-time expert recommendations for each of your selections.
Contains a number of features and rankings to help you decide who the best draft pick is for your current roster.
Tons of fantasy advice and analysis from the world of fantasy.
Customization options make you feel like you’re in control.
Tons of automated features that make running a fantasy team much easier.


Requires a fair bit of time commitment.

Things To Consider Before Subscribing to FantasyPros

FantasyPros requires a significant investment to the world of fantasy football. Luckily, FantasyPros offers different pricing plans for different levels of experience.

Plans start at Pro, then MVP, and finally HOF. If you are a newer player, you might find starting out with the Pro to be better, as you won’t necessarily make good use of the more specialized DFS tools available.


If you manage more than two teams, you need the MVP plan as you can make good use of the Lineup-Assistant. Plus, more than likely, you’ll be ready to manage the suite of tools that FantasyPros will throw at you.

If you need DFS tools, you’ll need the HOF plan as these tools are only available under that plan.

Promo codes for FantasyPros don’t exist, so you’re stuck with the price you see on the website.

What Are The Features of FantasyPros?

#1 Draft Wizard Tool Suite

FantasyPros’ Draft Wizard tool suite is an extensive collection of tools designed to make you better at fantasy football drafting. With the opportunity to run customized mock drafts that most closely mimic your league’s configurations and draft order, you’ll be ready to go when the real draft arrives.

Draft Simulator

The Draft Simulator enables you to create mock drafts wherein you draft against Fantasy Pro’s computer algorithm. The algorithm is based on cheat sheets created by experts, so you know that you are drafting against high-quality opponents, even if it is just the computer.

You can even decide to draft against specific experts or cheat sheets, and the algorithm will factor in not just player rankings but team needs and other important factors as well. This creates the most realistic mock draft possible.

The best part of FantasyPros’ draft simulator is that you can complete a mock draft in mere minutes, with no waiting between picks. This gives you the opportunity to try different draft strategies to see what works best.

You’ll also have the option of customizing your mock draft with settings including keepers, scoring rules, and different drafts orders (snakes vs. linear). At the end of the mock draft, you’ll get an instant grade from the Draft Wizard and an analysis of how you can do better.

FantasyPros’ mock drafts are both fun and a great way to practice for the real thing.

Draft Resources for Auction leagues

Similar to the mock draft, the Auction Simulator is an efficient way to practice for your draft. Once again, Fantasy Pros leverages consensus projections from multiple sources to ensure that player valuations and winning bids are realistic.

Embedded into the Auction Simulator is the Auction Calculator, which helps you to identify players who will provide the most incremental value to your team.

For example, a running back with similar stats to a quarterback will typically be valued higher, primarily because a quality running back is scarcer than a quality quarterback. FantasyPros factors these kinds of values in along with the settings of your league to calculate a realistic dollar value for every player.

With the Auction Calculator, you’ll be able to add tiers, expert notes and player tags to your auction cheat sheet, and adjust dollar values on the fly to account for in-draft inflation. All you really need to do is adjust your settings to match your league’s scoring rules and the Auction Calculator will generate everything else.

Draft Assistant

Using the Draft Assistant is like having Bill Belichick in your corner giving you advice. With Fantasy Pros’ Draft Assistant, you’ll be able to optimize your picks with expert advice during your football draft.

The Draft Assistant keeps track of your draft to offer consensus recommendations from over 6o fantasy football experts at each selection. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Draft Assistant comes in two forms: with sync and without (Manual Assistant).

The key difference between the two is that the Draft Assistant with Sync connects directly with your drafts to automatically cross off taken players from your cheat sheet. If you’re using Manual Assistant, you’ll need to manually mark off take players yourself to ensure you’re receiving the best advice possible.

Best yet, the Draft Assistant can be used with a number of sites, so you’re likely to be covered no matter what site you call your fantasy football home. 

Draft Analyzer

The Draft Analyzer is exactly what it sounds: an instant analysis of your mock and real drafts. It gives you an idea of how your team will stack up against your opponents. Included in the analysis is a breakdown of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a summary of your best picks, steals and reaches.

The Draft Analyzer works with any draft that you have synched or manually tracked with the Draft Assistant, and will also work with mock drafts that run with the Draft Simulator. Additionally, it could also work as mock drafts from ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and the like.

The score you receive at the end is based on how much more value your roster has over the players that were not drafted, and you receive a score based on three different perspectives: FantasyPros consensus projections, your own cheat sheet, and expert polls.

The Draft Analyzer is super useful for mock drafts especially, as you can instantly check your score the minute your simulation is complete and make the necessary adjustments to get a better score.

Cheat Sheet Creator

The Cheat Sheet Creator is the easiest way to build a fantasy football draft board. You can combine rankings from 100+ experts into one consensus cheat sheet, or import your own cheat sheet from another site with a simple click.

If you want to update or adjust the rankings, you can do so with the simple drag-and-drop of the mouse, and it’s a nice little bonus that you can filter expert cheat sheets by most accurate, most recently updated and most popular.

The Cheat Sheet Creator also enables you to create tiers. Tiers are simply lists of players that you have no preference between. For example, you might put Tom Brady, Carson Wentz and Patrick Mahomes in the same tier, and then Andy Dalton, Dak Prescott and Matt Cassel in another tier.

This is useful if, say for example, on draft night, there are multiple players available in the same tier. You might hold off on drafting from that pool as one of those players will be available in later rounds anyway.

On Fantasy Pros, creating tiers is as easy as a few clicks, just like everything else on their site.

#2 My Playbook

The My Playbook toolset has a variety of functions that help you improve your team so you can win the coveted prize at the end of the road. They have so many tools for things such as a Star/Sit Assistant, actionable advice on the waiver wire, a trade analyzer and so much more.

In short, My Playbook provides the easiest way to get specific in-season advice you need from the experts that you trust. You can sync your rosters easily and the data will update itself, tailoring the advice to the specific players on your roster.[2]

Start/Sit Assistant

The Start/Sit Assistant is absolutely fantastic because you get instant recommendations on the best lineup for the week. You can select your favorite experts or use their default experts and submit your lineup to your league’s host right from the in-menu tool.

Of course, it’s your roster at the end of the day, so if you disagree with the experts, you can manually swap out players yourself using the Edit Lineup feature.

Moreover, the multi-league mode allows you to view lineup recommendations across different leagues, all on one screen. You can then submit those lineups to their respective league hosts.


With Auto-Pilot, FantasyPros gives you the option of having your optimal lineup selected for you automatically each week.

They also give you the option of confirming the lineup suggestions with a “Confirm by Email” option which will send you an email as you make any lineup changes. From there, you can review the lineup and submit to confirm.

Auto-Pilot checks your lineup every 12 hours and one hour before games start, and if you don’t agree with the auto-pilot changes, you can simply click “Revert Lineup Changes” to undo the damage.

By default, auto-pilot is set to off, but it’s perfect for casual players.

Waiver Wire Assistant

To make the Waiver Wire Assistant work, you’ll first need to sync your league. Then, Fantasy Pros presents you with the best available players in your league based on expert rankings for the next week as well as the rest of the season.

This is super useful because it takes a lot of the legwork out of identifying players that may be beneficial to your team. It also allows you to compare how much your team may improve (or worsen) based on adjustments made to the active roster. 

Trade Analyzer

Receive instant analysis on whether or not a potential trade helps your team. You can also evaluate any trade offer in mere seconds with power rankings that determine if your team is stronger before or after the trade.

There is even support for uneven trades, where two players are traded for one, for example.

Lineup Optimizer

With Fantasy Pros, you can leverage the projections of experts from around the world of fantasy football to generate the most optimal DFS lineups.

There is also the option to create a custom pool of players of your choice, and you can generate as many as 150 lineups at one time!

Moreover, saving and exporting your lineups into FanDuel and DraftKings is super easy, and will have you on your way to winning in no time.

Care to find out which is better between DraftKings and FanDuel? Read this comprehensive guide.

Projected Ownership

The Projected Ownership tool allows you to see which players other fantasy players are using and picking up off the waiver wire. Granted, this is a flawed system of evaluating players, as I personally remember picking up Larry Johnson back in 2005 when his ownership rating was near 0.

Nevertheless, Fantasy Pros generates their projected ownership data in-house, using player projections, ownership trends and player salary data among other data sets.

Salary Changes Breakdown

Salaries for DFS players are always in flux, ebbing up and down depending on how well the player is changing.

The Salary Changes Breakdown is a handy feature that keeps you up to date so that you can track these values for yourself and make the necessary adjustments.

What Are Users Saying About FantasyPros?

For 4 consecutive years, FantasyPros’ Draft Wizard has won Best Fantasy Sports Web Service/Tool, and My Playbook has won Most Valuable Fantasy Tool.

Moreover, the Chrome extension is rated 4 stars based on over 73, 000 customer reviews, and the podcast has a rating of 4.9 stars on Stitcher.

But that’s not all, here’s what the internet has to say: 

What Are The Alternatives to FantasyPros?

1. Rotoworld

If you’ve heard of fantasy football, chances are you’ve heard of Rotoworld. As one of the largest fantasy sports sites out there, Rotoworld offers detailed reports on player stats, columns upon columns on who to sit and who to start, and insider knowledge on the inner workings of a football organization.

Moreover, with a great functioning app, Rotoworld offers daily feeds and notifications on player and team profiles that condense big data into manageable chunks. The amount of analytics involved in their reports is staggering.[3]

Best of all though, Rotoworld has a proven track record when it comes to accuracy and projecting the best players and squads, so you know that the information you get from here is some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

They also have a massive forum where players share their information and experience, and will even give you feedback for free, if you ask nicely.

2. Fantasy Football Nerd

Fantasy Football Nerd is a great budget alternative for those who can’t or don’t want to shell out for the more expensive FantasyPros.

That doesn’t mean that FFN is light on features, as their Line-up Assistant tool is one of the best in the business.

Full Fantasy Football Nerd Review

It’s designed to find players who give you the most bang for your DFS buck, because their algorithm focuses on finding players that give you the most points while costing the least amount of dollars.

When using their Line-up Assistant, you’ll find the option of adjusting your lineup preferences between Conservative, Consensus and Aggressive, giving you some say in how you want to play. Click here to learn more about Fantasy Football Nerd.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Words

With Fantasy Pros, you’ll really feel like a pro GM. With printable cheat sheets, fantasy articles, draft tools and up-to-date research, you’ll be dealing with expert recommendations in real-time, just like an NFL GM would.

Fantasy Pros takes a lot of the guesswork involved in Fantasy Football, and makes the whole situation easier to manage. I personally wish I had FantasyPros that one year I went 14-0 in the regular season only to drop my two playoff games and finish fourth. That was about 12 years ago, 2 years before FantasyPros existed.

STAR Rating: 5 out of 5.

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