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The Best Football Compression Shorts 2022

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts
Nike Men's Pro Compression Shorts
Clinch Gear Performance Compression Shorts

A staple for every footballer’s gear is a pair of quality compression shorts. Able to increase oxygen in your blood, they are effective in improving your muscles and quickening recovery from muscle soreness.

Compression shorts keep the footballer insulated and covered, while maintaining moisture-wicking properties that keep them cool in hot weather. Designed to be worn like a second skin, compression shorts are a necessary support for every footballer and offers comfortability that many players wear it for every practice or game. [1]

Depending on the style and how bold you are, you can wear compression shorts on its own or under your go-to pants or shorts. You can also choose to wear more targeted pairs during and/or after your training to ease muscle soreness. Here are some of the best compression shorts on the market for men of all shapes and sizes:

Best Football Compression Shorts

1. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts

The first short on our list of the best compression shorts for football players is the Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts. This short is made out of synthetic material that ensures that it is elastic and very comfortable due to its silky smooth nature. The material also ensures that this compression short provides you with enough compression without restriction. The best thing about this short is that it does not restrict movement in any way and soon you will not remember that you even have it on. The elastic nature of this short is made possible by its 4-way stretch fabric that ensures the best mobility and flexibility. 

On top of all of this, this short is made out of material that wicks moisture away, leaving you dry even if you do sweat a lot. The Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Short also comes with some anti-odor and anti-microbial properties that ensure that the short harbors no odor. Due to the seam construction of this short, there is no chance that you are going to get any chaffing. This means that you can wear it for long period without worrying about discomfort. 



This compression short provides enough compression so as to offer satisfactory muscle support as well as help improve the flow of blood to the muscles. You will experience less fatigue and be less prone to muscular strains and injuries when you have this short on.

2. Nike Men's Pro Compression Shorts

At number two on this list is the Nike Men’s Pro Compression Shorts which are made out of polyester. As you may know, polyester is a very elastic material with the ability to retain its shape even after long stretches. One amazing fact about this Nike compression short is that its material is made to offer optimum ventilation during play. It also keeps you dry and cool even when you are seated so that you are as fresh as you need to be when you get off the bench. The seams that are found on this compression short are strategically designed.

This means that this short is designed to be as comfortable as possible to not only allow it to contour to your body but also to eliminate the chaffing that often accompanies training in shorts for long periods of time. The Nike Men’s Pro Compression Short is strong enough so as to provide all the muscle support you need. Apart from that, it does a really good job of improving the supply of blood to the muscles.



This helps reduce fatigue and muscle strain and soreness after long periods of play and training. Talking about its construction. Remember that its seams are made to ensure the shorts contour to your body, the shape of the shorts themselves is tubular. This further helps with the comfort and snug fit for longer periods of play.

3. Clinch Gear Performance Compression Shorts

At number three on this list, we have the Clinch Gear Performance Compression Shorts. This is a training short that is made for comfort and elasticity. It will allow you to stretch, run and train while at the same time retaining its elasticity. Its stitch technology ensures not only a comfortable fit but that there is not going to be any chaffing even when worn for long periods of time. This is because of its extended inseam and very durable polyester material. Its rugged flatlock stitching offers a long-lasting short, and the silicone gripper on the insides of the seams ensures that the short will not ride up or down when worn.

The Clinch Gear Training Compression Shorts provides adequate pressure so as to help with the circulation of blood and oxygen to the muscles, the truly impressive thing about this compression short is that it offers enough compression without punishing your muscles like some of the other compression shorts do. This level of compression offers enough muscle support helping eliminate fatigue and muscle strains.



If you are looking for short that is lightweight and breathable; the Clinch Gear Training Compression Shorts is your go-to choice. It will keep you cool and dry even under the hottest weather and most intense training and game. The material also has sweat-wicking properties that help evaporate sweat for an even drier short.

4. Shock Doctor Men's Compression Short

At number four on our list is a very impressive short. The Shock Doctor Men’s Compression Short, this short is made out of material that not only stretches when you need it to but also fits snugly to ensure that you are comfortable during play. 

It is made with a four-way stretch material that makes all of this possible. The design of the short also incorporates some truly impressive flatlock seams for your comfort. The BioFlex cup that comes with this short included a vented body and gel parameter pad. This helps make it comfortable and the x-pocket that is sewn onto the shorts help keep this cup in place. 

Apart from providing the compression that you need during training, this compression short also comes with some other accessories that help put your safety on the forefront. The short is also made of double-layer material for extra compression. 



One of the things we really love about this short is that it offers the compression that you need without feeling restrictive. You will experience good muscle support, and there will be less strain and muscle stiffness when you wear this short during training.

5. Men’s Compression Shorts – Base Layer Athletic Underwear

This short is relatively lesser-known but an impressive brand of shorts. This short is made out of high-performance fabric. You will be impressed to find out that the fabric is temperature-sensitive. What this means is that the material is able to keep you cool if you are playing in very hot weather and warm if you are playing in does temperature. 

This is mainly due to the two-way material used in its construction, which is breathable from both directions. In addition to all this, this short is touted to promote circulation and faster muscle recovery from injury. We were impressed with the level of muscle support, and you will feel less fatigue after a training session. You will also experience less muscle soreness compared to the ones you feel if you train without the shorts. The flatlock stitching ensures that it is durable and comfortable. Apart from that, it ensures that this short is elastic enough and can stretch in all directions, this helps ensure that you have all the flexibility and motion you need without the chaffing that often accompanies wearing shorts during training. 



The material also comes with anti-odor and is anti-bacterial. This short also keeps you dry and comfortable. This is attributed to its two-way ventilation system. It offers a snug fit, comfortable, lightweight, and breathable enough. Lastly, this short retains its shape and form even after several washes.

6. Shock Doctor Men's Power Compression Short with Cup Pocket

Shock doctor does make really good sports accessories, so we are not surprised to see them on our list of best football compression shorts. This short is made out of a material that allows you to stretch and train in comfort. This is because it is a 4-way elastic material. The material also offers really good ventilation. This helps keep you cool even under the hottest of conditions. 

This compression short has sweat-wicking properties. Remaining cool and dry during a game is very important to a lot of players and the Shock Doctor Men’s Power Compression Short does exactly that. The seams on this short are also very well stitched to ensure that it is not only durable but that it is flexible enough without tearing at the seams. You will find the seams comfortable. 

This compression short does not give you chaffing if you play in them for long periods of time, which is something that every football player would be happy about. It comes in a variety of sizes which is very good, especially if you are looking for something that fits snugly. Speaking of fitting snugly, this compression short offers enough muscle support to help eliminate fatigue and muscle stiffness after training. In addition, the improved blood flow to the muscles is a very welcome addition.



7. Tesla Men’s Compression Sports Baselayer Shorts

At number seven, we have the Tesla Men’s Compression Sports Baselayer Shorts. Also made of elastic material that will not only stretch during play but will give you the muscle support you need during play. This compression short offers enough compression to be supportive without restricting blood flow to the muscles. It does a really good job of supporting the muscles as well as improving the flow of blood to the muscles. In addition to all of this, it helps to eliminate the muscle stiffness and fatigue that often accompanies training. 

This short is machine washable, and its ability to retain its shape after multiple washes is quite impressing. This compression short fits very snugly and manage to remain comfortable even while doing so. This compression short is not for football alone. 

This compression short is of great help for other sports and activities. It is lightweight enough that you are not going to remember you have it on in a very short time. It also offers excellent breathability to ensure that you remain cool and dry during play. Its sweat-wicking properties is not at par with those of most of the other shorts on this list so that might be an issue for some people.



8. Under Armour Men's HG Sonic Compression Short

Under armour makes it into our list for a second time at number eight with their Under Armour Men’s HG Sonic Compression Short. This is an imported, elastic, and polyester short that offers all the flexibility that you need when training or playing. As with most other shorts on this list, they also offer the 4-way elasticity that is very important to avoiding ripping your short during a game or training. 

The Under Armour Men’s HG Compression Short is made out of material that is strong enough to be durable for a whole season. In addition to that, you can wash it by hand without destroying the material. We also discovered that this compression short was able to retain its shape, elasticity, and form even after a few washes. Its seams are stitched so well to aid comfortability. 

It does not chafe the skin even if you wear it for a long period of time. This compression short is made to be of a snug fit, and it does not ride up or down like some other shorts do during training. You can expect it to not only stay in place but also to offer the muscle support that you are looking for in compression shorts. It also offers adequate breathability.



9. Under Armour Men's UA Heatgear Armour Compression Shorts

At number nine on our list of football compression shorts is the Under Armour Men’s UA Heatgear Armour Compression Shorts. This short is made out of polyester for your comfort and for a really comfortable and snug fit. It offers what Under Armour like to call ultra-compression. This is very string compression without putting too much strain on the muscles. 

The level of compression that is offered by this short ensures that there is improved blood flow to the muscles and enough muscle support. The material of the Under Armour Men’s UA Heatgear Armour Compression Shorts is very elastic, allowing you to stretch and train without the fear of ripping your shorts. The smooth chafe-free flatlock seams do a really good job of holding the shorts together. They also do a good job of ensuring that there is no chaffing even if you wear this short for a long session of play.

This compression shorts also have anti-odor properties. This property eliminates odors and ensures that the short remains hygienic during and after play. The material is also very well ventilated to ensure that you remain as cool and dry as possible during play and training. 



The moisture transport system that comes with this short also does a really good job of wicking moisture away. This compression short is light enough for long periods of play. It also holds on really well during play and does not ride up or down even under intense play.

10. Shock Doctor Boys Core Compression Short

The last compression short on our list of best football compression shorts is the Shock Doctor Boys Core Compression Short. This short features a unique waistband. This waistband is elastic enough so as to hold the shorts in place without being too tight. The waistband introduces you to the rest of the elastic nature of the short. The material of the rest of the short is a 4-way elastic material to ensure that you can stretch in all directions and keep playing without ripping your shorts. 

The Shock Doctor Boys Core Compression Short conforms to the shape and form of your body to ensure that the fit is as snug as possible. This compression short does a really good job of supporting the muscles as well as improving the flow of blood to the muscles. In addition to that, it reduces soreness and muscle fatigue after playing for some time. 



Its seams are flatlock seams. This does a really good job of ensuring that the short is not only durable and comfortable but that it stretches in any and all ways you may need it to. This compression short also comes with a wraparound X-FIT cup system. The cup is fully vented for improved airflow and is cushioned for extra comfort. This short keeps you safe during games and training sessions.

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Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts


Nike Men's Pro Compression Shorts


Clinch Gear Performance Compression Shorts


Shock Doctor Men's Compression Short


Men’s Compression Shorts – Base Layer Athletic Underwear

Buyer's Guide


As always, the key thing to look out for is quality. This is typically universally applicable across all clothing, and compression shorts are not an exception. If you’re going to be spending your hard-earned money on a new pair of compression shorts, then you want to be able to justify that by getting the ones that are worthy of what you are spending.

Getting the maximum quality of compression short is the best way to go as a football player. Getting a good quality pair of compression shorts will make all of the difference in training or during a real game. Quality encompasses so many different factors, including comfortability, but they all conjoin to give you exactly what you’re looking for


This is probably the number one point to consider as a football player when you are buying any new thing to add to your gear. As little as it may seem, wearing the wrong size of any football gear can greatly affect your performance, because you will not feel anywhere near comfortable. Getting a proper size for compression short could be somehow tricky, especially if you are getting your first-ever compression short.

You will surely get a compression short of your size that will fit properly by measuring the thinnest part of your waist and your inseam. Although each brand has its own idea about size, these two measurement are your go-to reference irrespective of the brand you are purchasing from.


Like we just said, you always want your compression shorts to be comfortable. As noted briefly earlier, compression shorts are actually just like every other underwear and should be worn as such.

As we all know, underwear has to be comfortable. Inevitably, this extends to compression shorts. There would be nothing worse than jumping into the field for training or a real game, and you start feeling uncomfortable because of a pair of skin-tight shorts you wear. Instead, one of the first things that you look for should be how comfortable the short is. Get comfort in check first, and be rest assured that you will enjoy your game.


As a football player, you need a durable compression short to aid your performance during the game because you will be wearing it regularly. It is advisable for you to have more than one compression short so you could wear them in rotation as this will make the shorts last longer. Because you need to be wearing them so often, you need them to be durable enough to give you the best experience during play. Buying a new pair of shorts only for them to break within a month or two is something we can only consider as a nightmare.

Even though it is certainly easier said than done, you should try only to buy shorts that you are confident will last you a long time by testing its durability through stretching. If you are wearing it on every game or practice, then 4-6 months will be a good starting point. You can use that to work out how long it should last in relation to how often you will be wearing them.

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This may seem like a futile point to make, but we assure you that it is not. Ultimately, the brand name that you see on a pair of compression shorts could make all the difference as to whether you trust them or not, and most football players have their compression short preference brand. As a football player, if you are considering buying compression shorts, then we can comfortably assume that you will be wearing it often – and considering the fact that it is going to be stuck to your skin, you want it to be as great as possible so it won’t hinder your on-field performance.

That’s where brand names come into play. For instance, if you are a fan of top sportswear brands like Nike or Adidas and either or both of them releases a new design of compression shorts, you’ll be happy with that. They are world-renowned and recognizable brands known for the quality of their product. If you buy from them, you will be happy with your purchase, and that’s what you want. More generally, it is safe to assume that you will go with a brand that is recognizable and acknowledged to be great.

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As a football player, you need always to play safe and always get the best products to match-up your gear. Previous and current reviews of a product really can tell you if you can trust the product brand or not. Finding out what other people think about a specific product can help you make a buying decision.

A brand will always upsell their products as much as they can. They will discuss all of the latest and greatest innovations to come out of their new product line as they try to persuade you to buy their product. However, a good description and sales copy do not guarantee a great product.

Read our reviews on the most recommended football gears and NFL jersey stores.

Checking the reviews that thousands of other people have put online will help you to understand whether the products are good just like the brand had portrayed it to be or not.


As a football player, performing at your best should be your utmost concern, and that should drive you to get the best products available on the market for your gears, including your compression shorts. This is a part of your gear that you should always wear whenever you are stepping into the field either for training or a real game because it boosts performance.

This short offers some advantage which will help you to experience a better playing time, this short provides you with a better circulation of blood to the lower part of your body, reduces the risk of getting injured, relieves pain from muscles soreness, it also keeps your muscles warm to prevent strains because you cannot play football without stretching. It is advisable to always have this compression short on while playing.

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Compression shorts are made for every sport and can also be worn for workouts. It can be worn by every football player irrespective of their on-field position. Linemen, wide receivers, quarterbacks and other positions can all wear compression shorts as it performs the same function for all of them. If other position players decide not to wear a compression short, a position that must always wear it is the lineman. 

All its benefits and functions are of great help to a lineman, owing to the fact that linemen always have to block the opponent and their muscle needs the highest level of support to do this. While attacking, they also need strength to run and agility to withstand impact, a compression short offers these qualities and more. Read our best football girdles in this review.

Normally, compression shorts can be washed with a mild detergent, but yet you have to be careful when washing your own as a footballer.[2] You do not have to wash it every time you wear it, either for training or a real game because if you do, then it will wear out quickly. You should just spread it outside under shade to dry after each practice or game but avoid spreading it under direct sunlight because this will affect its material negatively, you can wash it after wearing it for some time. 

You can wash it with a washing machine, but you should make sure that the machine washer is set to cool or delicate wash to avoid hard wash so the short will not wear out or fade off quickly. Always make sure that it is completely dry before you take it back inside because any leftover moisture can give it a bad odor and you wouldn’t want that.

It is quite simple, most of the recognizable brands of sportswear such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Reebok, and so on manufacture good and high-quality compression shorts. If you go by the brand, you will have no difficulty getting a durable and quality compression short. 

These brands produce high-quality and durable shorts and put them up for sale at an affordable price. You will never go wrong with a brand compression short irrespective of the amount it cost you. After purchasing the short, you will know its durability when you start wearing it. A quality short will always make you feel comfortable and like your second skin.

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts

Our #1 Best Football Compression Shorts

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