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2022 college football jersey designs by fan draw rave reviews [Volume 2, Gallery]

Design courtesy Jake Nevill (@jakenevill)

Under the user name ‘boognasty’ — with all due maturity to that moniker, of course — Jake Nevill posted the first set of his slick jersey designs to Reddit. Almost immediately, his concepts met with a wide and incredibly positive response.

One could easily see why, as Nevill did not go overboard with the concepts, but rather subtly tweaked the original 16 designs in order to create the new-school looks. Thus, due to popular demand, the one and only boognasty was back in the game, putting together jersey designs for a handful of new schools.

As you check these out, which one strikes your fancy?

And for those of you Bama fans out there, he just went with a little houndstooth detail; the dude didn’t want to offend anybody.

Via Reddit


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