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Los Angeles Clippers’ ‘Back in Blue’ sleeved jerseys unveiled

We had already seen the Los Angeles Clippers’ new “Back in Blue” sleeved jerseys leaked in the NBA 2K14video game, but on Monday the real deal was officially unveiled.

The adidas threads pay homage to the sailing-inspired “Clippers” name with nautical flags down the legs of the shorts that spell out “L-A-C.” That is not the big story with this new set of powder blues, however.

The sleeves are garnering all of the attention, of course. The Clips will be wearing them for every Saturday home game during the 2013-14 season as adidas and the NBA continue to shove the sleeved look into the game for good.

The jerseys also feature a white script “Los Angeles” bordered in red across the chest, with an “LAC” secondary logo above and a smaller-than-usual number below and to the left.

There is a red and white stripe running down from the armpit to the knees to border the look.

What are your thoughts on the overall design, as well as the prospect of seeing sleeves nearly every weekend? Let us know in the comments section below!

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