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Miami of Ohio unveils uniforms, absolutely wild helmets for 2022

There is only one, glorious word we can possibly use to describe Miami of Ohio’s new helmets for the 2013 season: Zubaz, beautiful Zubaz.

The Redhawks unveiled an entirely new look on Wednesday, and everything looks like a solid redesign until someone allowed someone else to go absolutely hog-wild on those helmets.

We’re really liking the designs on the top of the shoulders (seen in the photo below): It reads “MI” and half of the “A” on the right shoulder, while the rest of “AMI” is finished up on the left. Definitely clever.

But, again, someone took that clever thinking arguably a step to far with those wild ‘n out helmets.

But who are we kidding? If you can’t have just a gaggle of fun while you’re enjoying your MACtion, what can you do? And if these helmets are anything, they are definitely whimsical.

Scroll down for a close-up look at the Redhawks’ crazy/fresh new lids.

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