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How Much Are Football Cleats?

If you’re wondering how much football cleats are, the truth is that prices will vary based on the cleats, brands, size and color.

However, you should expect to pay at least $50 for a decent pair of cleats.

Generally, the most popular cleats retail for around $100 to $140.


You can expect to pay between $45 and $165 for Adidas cleats.

Their lowest priced offerings are the Freak MD J Zubaz football cleats, which are $45.

Their mid-range offerings are the Freak Ghost cleats, which are offered at $70, and the Freak 21 cleats, which are $100.

There are pretty good cleats, but if you want to go all out and get the best of the best, it will cost you roughly $150. That’s the price for the Adizero 11.0 Primeknit cleats, which are the crème de la crème when it comes to Adidas cleats.


The only Nike cleats you can buy from the Nike shop right now are the Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 and the Nike Alpha Menace Pro 2.

The former costs $190, while the later is $165.

However, you can also check out other sites like Eastbay, where you can find cleats like the Nike Vapor Edge for as low as $38.

Nike’s mid-range offering is the Nike Force Savage 2, which retails for roughly $55.


Most Puma cleats are in the $80 range. You’ll find their Ultra 3.2 TT and Future Z 3.1 cleats at that price, as well as the super popular Ultra 3.2 FF/AG.

Their highest priced offering is the Ultra 1.2 FG, and this retails at $200.

Their mid-range offering is the King Top FG which sells for $140.


Reebok no longer sells football cleats on their website, but you can find some second-hand cleats on Amazon and other markets.For example, you can find the Men’s U-form on ebay for as low as $25, the Reebok Pro Burner on for $40, and the Vero FL with interchangeable cleats for $60.

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