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How Should Football Cleats Fit?

Quick Answer

Football cleats need to fit tightly and snugly, should they offer all of the traction, support and comfort you need.

Cleats that are too loose will cause damage and injury to your ankles and feet when you cut on a dime or move laterally to juke out a defender.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to grab cleats that are about a half size smaller than your regular shoe size.

You will also want to pay attention to the brand of cleats you are buying, as some brands are run smaller than others. Nike, for example, is one of those brands whose cleats run small.

When trying on cleats, it is better that they fit very tightly when first trying them on, as they will naturally loosen as you break them in. This is something else to consider when asking yourself how should football cleats fit?

Tip #1: Buy A Half-Size Smaller

It’s good to make a habit of purchasing cleats half a size smaller than normal. You’ll ensure a snug, comfortable fit, while avoiding the blisters of cleats that are too tight or the broken ankles of cleats that are too large.

It’s important that your football cleats fit snugly as a proper fi will allow you to minimize the chances of a foot, leg, or ankle injury.

That’s why we recommend getting cleats that fit as tight as possible. You should still be able to wiggle your toes inside the boot, but there shouldn’t be any other foot movement.

Something that is too tight will cause blisters and sores.


Tip #2: Pay Attention to the Brand

Most Nike cleats have either Flywire technology or a mesh construction on the upper of the boot, providing a locked-in fit. [1]

Other cleats at the same size might be too loose. That’s why you should always try your cleats on before purchasing.

Your cleats should not constrict your feet, but it should cover the end of your toes with a tad bit of extra room.


Tip #3: Too Tight Is Okay

When trying on cleats for the first time, don’t be discouraged if they fit too tight.

As long as your foot feels snug with a little wiggle room in the toe and you’re not getting blisters on your feet, you’ll be fine.

That’s because you can break-in your cleats after you’ve purchased them and get a little more breathing room in your foot.

You just don’t want the cleat to slip off or your feet to move around in them, otherwise your performance will suffer. 

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