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What Kind of Helmet Does Jalen Ramsey Wear?

Since the start of the 2021 season, Jalen Ramsey has been wearing the Riddell Speedflex helmet. This model has received high praise for the increased level of safety it provides, along with looking aesthetically nice. [1]

Prior to 2021, Jalen Ramsey wore the more classic Air XP helmet. This traditional style should be familiar to most NFL fans and was the primary football helmet design for many years. More and more players though have gravitated towards newer helmet designs like the Speedflex in recent years due to its higher safety ratings and lighter weight. [2]

Key Takeaways

  • Jalen Ramsey has worn a Riddell Speedflex helmet since the start of the 2021 season.
  • Previously, Ramsey wore the Air XP helmet which was the most popular helmet type until recently.
  • The Speedshell is lighter than traditional helmets with more vents for a more comfortable fit, all while rating it as one of the safer helmets available. 

Ramsey’s Helmet Accessories

In addition to the Riddell Speedflex helmet type, Ramsey uses a titanium EGOP facemask along with the Sports Star Victory Chinstrap and Drymax Chinsaver. [3]

While this particular facemask is marketed more towards linemen and running backs, the tapered design increases the range of motion while still decreasing the chance of impact on the face. [4]

This trade-off makes it worthwhile, even for a player like Ramsey that plays cornerback and is rarely involved in the sort of contested scrums that bigger players are accustomed to.

While there’s nothing particularly notable about the Sports Star Victory Chin Strap, Ramsey also uses a “chin saver,” that looks noticeably bulkier than a normal chinstrap. [5]

The chin saver doesn’t provide much in the way of additional protection, but helps absorb sweat and can make the chinstrap more comfortable. It can also reduce the amount of chin acne which is a common problem for players that choose to wear the chinstrap alone. [6]

What Makes the Riddell Speedflex Helmets Popular?

The Speedflex has been rated one of the best helmets by Virginia Tech, coming in sixth overall and earning a five-star rating. [7]

It’s also one of the lighter helmets, decreasing the strain on a player’s neck and shoulder muscles and allowing them to move quickly without increasing the risk of a head injury. [8]

The Speedshell also has excellent ventilation with two large holes in the back of the helmet’s crown that isn’t blocked by padding. Not including the ear holes, the Speedshell has six additional vents to help heat escape a player’s head and keep them cool. [9]

For safety, additional padding has been included on the sides of the Speedshell and near the jaw. This provides more protection than traditional helmets like the Air XP helmet which Ramsey chose to wear prior to the 2021 season. [10]

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