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Arizona State Unveils Copper And Grey Uniforms With White Helmet

Arizona State joined in on the new uniform fun for 2014 when they unveiled a set of alternate threads on Monday. The Nike uniforms feature copper throughout to pay homage to the state’s mining history. The grey (anthracite, per the school’s description) threads are topped off by a slick white helmet.

Sun Devil Athletics provides the following details of the new uniforms:

The uniform encompasses two colors: copper and anthracite.

The football program wanted to create a unique way to expand the school’s image and honor the state’s heritage, as well as uphold the university’s brand standards.

This is the team’s 10th distinctive helmet design in three seasons and its unique aspects include a copper chrome facemask and decals, as well as a copper chrome stripe down the middle.

The Devils now have four options for their jerseys and five for their pants, and the uniform’s exclusive color and concept features the same design as previous combinations. The pitchfork remains dominant, and the numbers keep their font and include a fade, similar to the black uniforms, from white to copper. The team will wear all-white gloves and cleats with the uniforms.

Below is a look at the design. For more photos and information, check out

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