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Can’t Get Enough of the NFL? NFL Game Pass Review

NFL Game Pass is the place to go to catch every single NFL game–from pre-season to Super Bowl. However, the games are not live. Rather, they are replays with games that date as far back as 2009 with the full broadcast included, commercial-free and in HD.

Read our full NFL Game Pass review to help you determine if getting a subscription is worth it or not!

An Overview of the NFL Game Pass

The package also includes condensed 45-minute game replays, access to “All-22” and “High Endzone” angle footage, plus exclusive NFL Game Pass film sessions with in-depth conversations with coaches.

You’ll also find great value in the previous seasons of NFL Originals such as Hard Knocks, Mic’d Up and A Football Life, as well as the NFL Network–which brings with it its own bevy of features.

Here are some of the key specs of NFL Game Pass:

  • Price of $29.99 (for four months) or $99.99 annually.
  • Password sharing and offline downloads available.
  • 5 users can stream simultaneously.
  • Free 7 day trial.
  • Available content includes NFL game recordings, interviews, All-22 replays.


 NFL Total Access is an awesome show and will always keep you up-to-date on the NFL.
There is so much available content.
Access to every NFL game.


No live games except for out-of-market preseason games.

Things to consider before buying NFL Game Pass

With the state of the world right now, the first thing you should consider before buying the NFL Game Pass is whether or not there will be an NFL season to even watch.

Right now, it looks like the NFL is gearing up for its 2020-21 season as planned, but things can change faster than LeSean McCoy can juke.

However, with the option to stream across 5 different devices at the same time, NFL Game Pass also provides a perfect opportunity to watch the NFL with friends while practicing physical distancing.

On top of all that, NFL Game Pass is currently FREE, so you can enjoy all of the features and benefits without any risk.

What are the features and benefits of NFL Game Pass? 

#1 Cost

NFL Game Pass costs $99.99 USD for the year, which allows you to watch all the games online the day after they are played except for the Monday night game. The Monday night game is usually available the Wednesday after it’s played.

The price includes all games archived as far back as 2009, with several Superbowl games available and special NFL Films content like A Football Life (the special on Bill Belichick is amazing!)

That’s not all! You’ll also get condensed 45-minute replays with the option of choosing different angles (All-22 angles) so you can see the entire field just as the coaches do.

You’re also paying to get extra programming like interviews with coaches or high-level discussions about technique with players, as well as an all-access pass into the intimate lives of the team’s players and families.

You can choose to pay $99.99 for the year or pay $29.99 in monthly installments over the course of the month. If you choose to subscribe to NFL Game Pass in the middle of the season, you’ll only have to pay a prorated fee, which is ultimately nice.

Plus, if you or a family member are part of the military, you qualify for a 25% discount. It’s not much for serving your country but it is something, at least.

#2 Content & Video Access

Included in your NFL Game Pass subscription is access to live preseason NFL games. Regular and postseason games can only be viewed on replay once the game is over (replays are usually available the next day).

You also gain access to a ton of archived games with the option to view either the full or condensed games.

Subscribers also get full access to NFL Originals, the NFL’s rich library of programming, where you can find shows such as Hard Knocks (a behind-the-scenes look at an NFL’s team training camp), Sound FX (in-game sound bites) and A Football Life (documentary of select NFL personalities).

You’ll also receive NFL Network, where you can watch hit shows like Good Morning Football and Gameday with Rich Eisen.

NFL RedZone, a gameday feature that highlights every big play and every touchdown as they happen live is also available. However, you need a Game Pass Pro subscription to access it.

#3 User Experience

Just like when you boot up Madden, NFL Game Pass asks you to select your favorite NFL team. The app then creates an entire UI based on that team, including tabs on relevant information pertaining to the team, stats, news, highlight and game film. This makes following your team easier than ever.

The UI is also super easy to navigate, with Windows-style tiles that give you a broad range of Game Pass features right from the main navigation bar. Other categories hold shortcuts to seasonally appropriate content like the Wild Card round and Pro Bowl.

Finding archived games is also easy, as a drop-down menu in the top-right corner lets you sort games by year, dating back as far as 2009.

Now, here are the three coolest features. The first is that up to five people can be using NFL Game Pass at the same time, and users can download games and watch offline on any mobile device.

The second cool feature is that when you hover over a video tile, additional information appears on-screen. This lets you know the synopsis of what you’re going to watch.

And the last awesome feature is that you can watch up to four games at the same time on one screen. Therefore, it is easy to keep up with teams and players from around the league – especially useful if you’re into fantasy football!

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What do other people think about NFL Game Pass?

It seems that most people online find it difficult to justify a $100 price tag when the games are not even aired live as well as the fact that the app does not do enough to prevent spoilers.

Are there any NFL Game Pass alternatives?

1. Amazon

For the past couple of years, Amazon Prime has streamed NFL’s Thursday Night football games to Prime Video and Twitch Prime subscribers.

If you’ll remember correctly, Thursday Night Football is the one where teams wear those “Rush” jerseys and play terribly as a result of the short week and not having practiced properly. So, this may not be too enticing to some.

But as of recently, Amazon and the NFL announced an extension of their deal that will bring one Saturday night football game a week.

While that is definitely cool, Saturday night football games only occur in the second half of the NFL season, so if you’re just relying on Amazon Prime, you’ll be missing a lot of football until then.


With DAZN, you get NFL Game Pass, NFL Network and NFL RedZone. PLUS, you get a whole host of other subscription passes to different sports and leagues, including the EPL and Champions League.

The best thing about DAZN is that it is relatively cheap, coming in at $20/per month with a free month trial.

This does mean that you’ll pay more over the course of a year, so if all you really want or care about is the NFL, then you should definitely go with the Game Pass directly from the league.

3. NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket carries all regional Sunday afternoon games produced by FOX and CBS, and is your go-to package if you live outside your favorite team’s market.

You can purchase this package even without a DirectTV or Rogers subscription, but you will have to pay something close to $200 USD.

The price is high, but if you’re a die-hard supporter and you are out of market, you will most likely find this worthwhile. 

4. CBS All Access

CBS All Access brings the exceptional quality of NFL on CBS to mobile phone devices. Additionally, its impressive streaming capabilities allow you to watch the game live and uninterrupted from anywhere.

This subscription is very useful for those not wanting to miss their favorite local market team. It provides even more value because you can also stream a number of high-quality programming with your subscription, like Star Trek: Discovery.[1]

Even the most premium package only costs $9.99/months, which makes this subscription overall a great value. 

5. NFL RedZone

For live games, NFL RedZone can’t be beaten. It takes you from game to game to see all of the highlight plays as they happen live. Plus, Scott Hanson is honestly a master at directing the audience in and out of games.

NFL RedZone also promises that you’ll never miss a touchdown, and it’s honestly amazing how an entire day of football can pass by while watching this high-paced program.

The main drawback is that you don’t get the same value as the other alternatives listed, which feature rich television and film programming. However, you do get the NFL Network – which broadcasts Thursday Night Football and year-round news and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final Words

NFL Game Pass is great for those who have trouble catching games live, or want to watch out-of-market games and do not mind waiting until the live event is over. An underrated but much-appreciated feature of NFL Game Pass is that it does not spoil the score before-hand.

If, however, you must absolutely watch the games live, you won’t particularly enjoy NFL Game Pass, even if it offers a lot of content beyond just what happens on the gridiron.

STAR Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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