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Where To Buy NFL Jerseys With Elastic Sleeves

We advise you only purchase an NFL jersey with elastic sleeves from one of these two reputable vendors below, as these types of jerseys are some of the most coveted on the market, and are therefore prone to counterfeiting on the re-sale market.

Yes, you’ll be paying a premium, but these are crème de la crème jerseys so you should expect to put a dent in your wallet.

NFL Shop

NFL Shop is simply the best place to find the highest quality NFL jerseys with elastic sleeves, though the price does reflect that.

You’ll find a number of different jerseys with several options in terms of colors and players for every single NFL team.

NFL Shop offers the option to customize the number and name plate on your jersey, so you can always “create” a jersey with elastic sleeves for your favorite obscure player.


Fanatics carries the same load as the NFL Shop. You are able to customize jerseys with personalized names and numbers, just like the NFL Shop. 

Offers a full lineup, including Reebok NFL Jerseys with elastic sleeves. You may also check out their clearance sales for cheap alternatives. 

NFL Jerseys with Elastic Sleeves

Elite vs. Vapor Untouchable

The Elite Vapor is the only type of NFL jersey with elastic sleeves.

This is important to keep in mind because the standard Nike Elite jerseys do not have elastic jerseys.

Only the Nike Elite Vapor Untouchable has the elastic sleeve bands.

If you’re unsure what version you’re looking at, look at the sleeves. On the Vapor jerseys, the sleeves will be much shorter and more fitted than the standard Nike Elites.


The Nike Elite jerseys are authentic NFL jerseys, and come as close to mimicking what the players wear on gameday as possible.

That means that they have all of the same authentic finishes, stretch fabric, and sewn-on numbers and name plates you see on the gridiron on Sundays.

The design of these jerseys makes them extremely comfortable and breathable to wear, and they look absolutely fantastic too.

Check out the chain mesh grill with the NFL shield on the front collar for example.

The Nike Elite Vapors are also extremely durable, and can be machine washed. Check out gamedayr’s article on how to properly wash your jersey so you don’t ruin it!

Nike Elite Vapor Sizing

The Nike Elite jerseys use numerical sizing, and though they offer a trim, slim fit, they actually fit pretty true to size.

  • Size 40 – Medium
  • Size 44 – Large
  • Size 48 – XL
  • Size 52 – XXL
  • Size 56 – XXXL
  • Size 60 – XXXXL

If you’re unsure of what your size is, you can either measure your torso with a measuring tape or check your suit jacket’s sizing. If you wear a 44 suit jacket, you’ll fit comfortably into a size 44 Nike Elite.

These jerseys do offer an athletic fit, however, so those wanting something baggier should look to size up.

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