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How To Choose An NFL Jersey For Women


Let’s face it, NFL womens jersey sizing can be a little awkward.

There just isn’t as wide of a range of options as there are for men, and finding the right size and fit can sometimes feel like an exercise in futility.

Some jerseys offer a straight fit, some offer a slim fit, some are slimmer in the chest but wider in the waist, and the list goes on and on.

You can end up more confused than before you got started!

We always recommend you try on a jersey at a local store to get a feel for the size and fit you need, but if that’s not available, keep reading our tips so you don’t make a mistake at the checkout store.

Jersey Measurements


Do Women’s NFL Jerseys Run Small?

According to Fanatics, an official distributor of NFL apparel, women’s jerseys offer a slender, tapered and they recommend order one size up if you prefer a looser fit to your jersey.

What Jersey Size Should You Get?

Tip #1: Order One Size Larger

Nike Game jerseys have an athletic-cut and are fitted in the bust, shoulders and arms. Additionally, the jersey does not fit or feel like a regular T-shirt.

If you’re in between the sizes on the above chart, I recommend ordering one size up than you normally wear.

NFL Legend jerseys, meanwhile, are designed with a relaxed fit through the shoulders, chest and waist, but they still run small, which means that it’s usually safer to order one size larger than you normally wear.

Tip #2: You Can Also Choose Men’s and Youth Options

A Men’s small will of course be the largest option, but you might not mind the width and the length of Men’s jersey.

This will give you the baggiest look, especially at the sleeves. If you don’t mind the bulk, this could be a good option for you.

The biggest benefit to buying a Men’s jersey is that the jersey will be as authentic as can be. On Women’s jerseys, the numbers are made a little small and this may bother some fans.

A Youth medium, on the other hand, is about the same length as a Women’s small. The sleeves are a lot less baggy though they’re still longer than a Women’s small.

A Youth medium will feel more like a T-Shirt while still offering an authentic NFL feel.

If you’re going to an outdoor stadium and hoping to layer a hoodie or sweater underneath your jersey, I recommend sizing up to a Youth large.

These will be tapered the same as the medium, of course, and will be the same in length, but they are overall less bulky than the Men’s and offer more room at the sides and neckline.

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Tip #3: Trying On Before You Buy Is Essential

There is so much variance in women’s jerseys for some reason. Some women say they’re 5’9’’ find the jerseys to be too short, while other 5’9’’ find them to be too tight.

That’s why it’s imperative that you try a jersey on – any jersey – before purchasing.

This will let you know exactly if you like the cut and size. Otherwise, you’re playing a game of Russian Roulette.

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