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One of the Classics – Nike Alpha Pro 2 Review (Buyer’s Guide)

The Nike Alpha Pro 2 is advertised as an all-position cleat. Yet, with all its features that promote speed and acceleration, this cleat benefits receivers, defensive backs, running backs and safeties more than the other playing positions.

With phenomenal traction, a mid-height, low-top silhouette, and some of Nike’s traditional patented technology, you’ll find the Nike Alpha Pro 2 superb, especially if you play at a skill position. However, if you’re a lineman or linebacker, the lack of ankle support and its traction plate that doesn’t play well in the mud should have you look at other options.

Let’s dive into this detailed Nike Alpha Pro 2 review to see what this pair of cleats has to offer.

Overview of the Nike Alpha Pro 2

Although Nike released the Nike Alpha Pro 2 in 2015, the durable design, breathable material and propulsion plate technology have kept up well with the current standards.

Players that rely on skill and speed will love the Flywire technology paired with a redesigned traction plate. They hold the foot securely and safely as players make quick cuts and use all kinds of evasive maneuvers to cross the goal line.

If you’re looking for a low-top cleat that offers explosive speed and ultimate comfort, keep reading this Nike Alpha Pro 2 review.



Things To Consider Before Buying Cleats

Every cleat is intended to fill a specific purpose on the football field. Since every position plays a different role, not every cleat will fit every player’s playing style. Therefore, when looking for new cleats, it’s important to keep more things in mind than just your budget.

Below are the three main factors to consider before purchasing a pair of cleats.

#1 Your Playing Style

The position you play as well as your playing style is important in determining which cleats are good for you. Every cleat has benefits and trade-offs, so it’s important to consider both vis-à-vis your playing style. 

For example, low-top cleats are typically lighter and offer more speed, but lack ankle support. On the other hand, high-tops offer plenty of ankle support but are usually bulkier and detract the player’s speed.


That means you will have to decide what you need more out of your cleat – is it speed and agility or safety and support?

Pro-Tip: Research which cleats  the players you emulate wear on the field. For example, if you want to play like Julio Jones, look up the cleats he wears on game day. If those cleats are out of your budget, try to find earlier versions of the cleats in the same line. For instance, if the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 are too expensive, try to find the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 2 or 1.

#2 Comfort

Let’s say you find a cleat with all the cutting-edge technology that perfectly suits your playstyle. You quickly purchase the cleats and you’re too excited to wear them on the first game of the upcoming season.

Then, game day comes. You put on your shiny new cleats and… they hurt. A lot. You bought them true to size without realizing that they run narrow. Now, all of a sudden, all that amazing new technology is now moo – like a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter.

Playing on the gridiron can sometimes be painful enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about uncomfortable cleats. Therefore, always make sure to fit and test the cleats before purchasing to make sure you are totally comfortable in them.

If you are ordering online, ensure that you take note of the site’s return policy and that you research the cleat’s general fit. Some cleats can run narrow, or large, or even small, so you can’t necessarily go and buy the same size as your normal shoes.

#3 Appearance

Ever since Deon Sanders uttered the words, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good”, it has become an accepted truth in sports.

But there is some psychology behind this idea. It’s called enclothed cognition, where the clothing you wear influences your energy.[1]

It simply means that when you have an extra swagger in your clothing, it can give you that little extra edge to make a game-changing play.

Features and Benefits of the Nike Alpha Pro 2

Nike has loaded the Alpha Pro 2 with tons of features that give you unrivaled speed and flexibility.

Flexible Material

The material on the Nike Alpha Pro 2 is made entirely of NikeSkin.

NikeSkin is a soft and flexible mesh material, which is linked together by a thin polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is a thermosetting fabric that is flexible and durable, and does not melt or bend under heavy heat conditions.

Thus, NikeSkin is both flexible and durable, and its lightweight and breathable feels means that you’ll feel like you’re playing football barefoot.

Responsive Cushioning

The Nike Alpha Pro 2 features a ¾-wedge midsole that gives responsive cushioning from heel to midfoot, and in the back to further protect the Achilles’ heel.

Nike Alpha Pro 2.1

Nike placed an emphasis on supportive cushioning to the Nike Alpha Pro 2 in order to prevent it from rebounding as much as something made out of carbon.

Creatively, Nike has purposefully omitted cushioning in the cleat’s front to aid in heel-to-toe propulsion. This is a great feature to encourage a comfortable fit and faster play. Plus, all its features support the player for very little break-in time.

Customizable Traction

For the Alpha Pro 2, Nike has strategically placed seven cleats for the optimal mixture of traction and balance.

Nike Alpha Pro 2.3

The cleats come with detachable studs, which allows for customizable traction. This is a useful feature, as the Nike Alpha Pro 2 is not so great for playing in the mud. However, the ability to detach the cleats and replace it with another eliminates this particular weakness of the Alpha Pro 2.

In addition, an asymmetrical collar on the cleat’s upper offers mobility and support for quick lateral cuts and explosive changes of direction, making it a top choice among skill and speed players.


The Nike Alpha Pro 2 weighs approximately 1.7 ounces. Part of the reason it’s not as lightweight as other cleats is due to the added cushioning in the cleat plus the TPU and Pebax plate on the inner sole to provide added protection and stability.

Dynamic Fit

Nike’s patented FlyWire makes a return on the Alpha Pro 2, with the Flywire technology wrapping around the midfoot and the arch of the feet for a dynamic, glove-like fit.

Moreover, the large flat laces stay in place, ensuring a tighter fit. This is an underrated feature, as laces are typically the first to succumb to wear and tear, and there is nothing more awkward than wearing a pair of cleats that do not tie up properly.

As a bonus, there is zero space in the toe box for movement, meaning your toes are not at risk of injury from hyperextensions or getting stepped on.

While the Nike Alpha Pro 2 runs true to size, several users have suggested that the cleats run a bit tighter than other cleats. While some may find this gives a snug and secure fit, others might find the cleats a little too narrow.


Thanks to NikeSkin, the Alpha Pro 2 is well-ventilated. NikeSkin is tremendously breathable that you’ll stay cool and dry during the intense heat of a gridiron game even while wearing thick and heavy socks!


The Nike Alpha Pro 2’ upper is made of durable synthetic leather that is low-cut for comfort and mobility. Crucially, the upper is almost entirely one piece, meaning that there is no place for the cleat to rip, tear, or bust open over the course of the season.[2]

The cleat’s one long stitch runs across the whole shoe on either side of the cleat, which ensures that it maintains its durability. Furthermore, NikeSkin prevents the material from creasing up, assuring that your cleats maintain that fresh, just-worn look all season long.

Check out this equally durable cleat from Nike, the Lunarbeast Elite TD

What are people saying about it?

We searched the entire world wide web, but could not find any online written reviews about the Nike Alpha Pro 2.

However, YouTubers I Know Football gave the Alpha Pro 2 the following scores in his video review:

Cushion/Padding: 9/10
Traction: 8/10
Weight: 7/10
Ventilation: 8/10
Durability: 9/10

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure your shoes last as long as possible, Nike recommends to take proper care of your cleats including regular hand-washing. To ensure increased longevity, it is best to wash your shoes once they become dirty.

Nike does not recommend washing your Alpha Pro 2 cleats in the washing machine or dryer.  It is also not recommended to use bleach.

To wash, begin by grabbing a soft-bristled shoe brush or a toothbrush, a mild cleansing solution (mix of water and laundry detergent) and dry microfiber towel or soft cloth. Start by removing the dirt from the outsole, midsole and uppers with your dry brush.

Next, remove the laces from your shoes and using the cleaning solution wash the laces. Massage the solution into the laces. Then, rinse them well and dry with a soft cloth.

To clean the outsole and midsole, Nike does not recommend dunking your shoes in the water, but instead suggests getting your dry brush or soft cloth wet with a cleansing solution. Clean the uppers and dry well with a soft cloth or a microfiber towel.

Try to use a blotting motion to lift dirt and soapy residue as much as possible. Repeat this step if necessary until the shoe is clean. Then air-dry at room temperature. Again, Do NOT put cleats in the dryer.

Now your shoes are clean and ready for the field.

There are six main materials that Nike uses in the production of the football cleats: Polyester, Rubber, Eva form, Cotton, Synthetic Leather and Leather.

Your football cleats will last longer if you wash them by hand once they get dirty. Never use hot water or a hair dryer on your cleats or place them near a radiator. Allow them to air-dry indoors at room temperature. 

If you need to dry them quickly you can stuff paper towels inside the cleat to speed up the process. Ensure you remove any mud quickly after use so that the mud does not dry out and make cleaning more difficult.

Yes, these Nike cleats run true to size with a snug fit thanks to their glove-like Flywire technology.

Yes, shoes get a tad bit wider as size increases. 

If you are worried about expanding feet, it is best to buy two sizes up so that your shoes don’t become too tight. Try to avoid getting shoes that are too tight, even a few minutes playing will cause your feet to hurt. However, poor-fitted cleats can lead to blisters and ankle/foot injuries.

Your best bet is to get sized by a professional.

Yes cleats stretch out with prolonged use. However, if you want your cleats to stretch out quickly, choose a leather football cleat instead of synthetic materials. Leather stretches more naturally over time. If not you may have to stretch them yourself with a shoe stretcher or get a cobbler to do it for you. This can cost anywhere from $15-45 for a pair.

Experts suggest trying your shoes on right out of the box. Ensure the fit is tight enough so that they will not become too loose later on.


This cleat is geared-toward skill players who want that extra bounce and acceleration to create separation or close the distance. Vertical wide receivers, catching running backs, defensive backs and roaming safeties in particular will surely love this cleat.

Moreover, thanks to NikeSkin, the durable upper will last over the course of a few seasons, depending on use. This gives the cleat great value with regards to its price point.


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