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Nike Elite Jersey Vs. Limited

You might have found yourself scrolling through the NFL Shop or Fanatics, looking at all these different variations of the same jersey.

Maybe you’ve wondered to yourself, “What’s the difference between the Nike Elite Jersey vs. Limited?

If you have, you’ve come to the right place! Here we break down the differences between Nike Elite Jersey and the Limited jersey. 

What Is Nike Elite Jersey?

The jerseys worn during games by players on the field are the Elite Nike jerseys.

They are made to fit well and allow easy movement, with flywire around the collar to prevent stretching and some water repellent technology in the fabric of the jersey to keep the players cool and expel water and moisture during the heat of the game.

These are made with performance and quality in mind, and you’ll immediately know the difference if you get up close and personal with one.

What Is Nike Limited Jersey?

Limited NFL jerseys look strikingly similar to the Elite jerseys, but are made entirely of polyester that does not quite stretch or contour in the same way as the Elites.

Nike Limited Jerseys do still have the flywire strength and hand-sewn numbers, and look almost entirely like the jerseys you see NFL players wear, but they just lack the flexibility and durability to be worn during an actual game.

What Is The Difference Between Nike Elite Jerseys and Limited Jerseys?

The Limited jerseys are typically $150 to $200 cheaper than the Elites, and are really only made to wear on gameday and not play in.

Other than that, the limited jersey offers everything the Elite jerseys do, including premium finishes and decals and strategic ventilation.

The main difference is simply that the degree of quality in the Elite jerseys is just a little bit higher than the Limited ones.

Nike Elite Jersey Vs Limited – Which One Is Better?

Factor #1: Price

Nike Elite jerseys are typically $350, and are the most expensive NFL jerseys on the market.

Limited jerseys are more affordable, usually selling at a retail price point of $150.

So the first factor to consider is your budget.

If Elites and Limited jerseys are out of your budget, check out Game jerseys, which are the most cost-effective option.

They’re made of polyester, but unlike the Limited and Elite jerseys, they utilize screen-printed letters and numbers.

The Game jerseys look very similar to more expensive equivalents, but the quality is just a tad lower, which is reflected in the price point.

We’ve also written in the past about the best places to buy cheap NFL jerseys, so be sure to check that article if Elites and Limited are out of your budget.

Factor #2 Purpose

The Elite jerseys are made for those who plan to tackle people and get deep in the trenches on the gridiron, according to Fanatics.

They are designed with the highest quality fabrics Nike has invented, so they won’t tear or rip or get damaged unless your jersey sustains massive damage.

If you’re just looking for a jersey to get rowdy in with your best buds and fellow fans at the stadium, the Limited jersey is your better option, as the jersey still offers a great, authentic look but at a cheaper price point.

If you go playing with the Limited jerseys in the mud, though, you’ll destroy them – so try not to do that. 

Factor # 3 Your fandom

Are you a die-hard NFL fan? Then you’ll probably want the highest quality jersey available, no?

The Elite jerseys look identical to game worn jerseys and feature the highest degree of quality, from the stitched on letters and numbers to the durable fabrics.

If you’re a more casual fan just wanting to sport a jersey while you watch the game on your couch on Sunday, you might want to opt for the more cost-effective Limited jerseys.

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