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Alabama Fans Set Up Fund To Help Family Of Notorious Paul Finebaum Show Caller

It’s a known fact amongst the college football world that the dedicated callers into the Paul Finebaum Radio Show are a special group of people. They take their schools seriously and will scream, yell and fight to defend the honor of everyone from Alabama to Georgia and Tennessee to Auburn.

One of the most notorious callers is “Phyllis from Mulga”, who takes her Alabama Crimson Tide seriously. One touchdown into the national title game against Clemson, Phyllis was on the air talking about the dynasty not being over in Tuscaloosa (though she was probably sweating bullets at points during the game).

Off the field, Phyllis and her family are dealing with something more important has her husband of 38 years was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. To help the family out with the cost of treatment and other items, fans of the Crimson Tide have set up a GoFundMe account to help out one of their own:

As of 2 PM Thursday, the fund at raised over $13,000 for the family, who are beyond grateful for the love and support from total strangers with one common bond:

“I love them unseen,” she said. “Some people will say you can’t love them if you’ve never met them, and I say,’ Oh yes you can.’ You can pass love all over the world.”

And she said she’s beyond thankful for Finebaum, the man and the show that has spawned her newfound friendships. “I love Paul, and I think he loves me,” she said.

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