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Findlay Oilers unveil new uniforms, helmets with players’ names on the back

The Findlay Oilers may only be competing in Division II, but this program’s new Nike uniforms hold their own against anything we’ve seen the big boys bust out recently.

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No, the Oilers did not opt for the chrome helmet, and believe us, we here at UniBlog are more than alright with that. After so many other programs have busted them out, we’re practically going blind. Instead, Findlay pulled off an incredibly unique move, one we have not seen before (let us know in the comments if we’ve missed something): They put their players’ names on the sticker on the back of each lid, instead of on the back of the jersey. The logo on the matte black helmets provides a classy touch as well.

Other than the innovation on the helmets, the uniforms are extremely clean-cut, and you cannot go wrong with black or white with orange accents. Both the home and road unis feature orange striping down the sides and there are three different pants colors to choose from.

Check out the baller hype video officially introducing the new uniforms below.

Oiler Football – New Uniforms from The University of Findlay on Vimeo.

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