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Top Selling NBA Jerseys

The NBA has just released its jersey sales for the first half of the 2022 season and the list of top-selling jerseys features a nice mix of new and old guard players.

In fact, three of the 10 players on this list weren’t even in the NBA a few years ago!

Still, most are names you’d expect to see, though the order in which you see them might surprise you.

1.     Lebron James, SF, Los Angeles – Death, taxes and Lebron James dominating this list. It’s no surprise that Lebron is at the top of this list: he just won the NBA championship and he’s shown no signs of slowing down.

2.     Luka Doncic, SG, Dallas – At just 21 years, Doncic is the second-youngest player to make this list. He has been stellar ever since coming into the league, with highlight play after highlight play after highlight play.

3.     Kevin Durant, SF, Brooklyn – The Slim Reaper aka everyone’s favorite Twitter troll has bounced back from his Achilles injury remarkably. The Nets superteam is at the top of the NBA standings and KD and the crew look like serious Finals contenders.

4.     Stephen Curry, PG, Golden State – Chef Curry has been cooking this season, flirting with the NBA’s leading scorer title alongside Bradley Beal all season. Despite last year’s injury, he’s shown no signs of wear and continues to hit buckets from deeeeep.

5.     Giannis Antetokounmpo, SF, Milwaukee – Fresh off an MVP season, Antetokounmpo is still doing his thing in Milwaukee. The Bucks overall aren’t as good as they were last year, but they’re still sure shots for a deep playoff run.

6.     Kyrie Irving, PG, Brooklyn – Playing alongside KD and Harden, Kyrie has shown over and over again that he’s still in his bag. He makes the Nets offense hum and is one of the flashiest dribblers on the court.

7.     Anthony Davis, PF, Los Angeles Lakers –  The Brow has battled some injuries this season, but he’s still one of the best players in the league on one of the most popular teams in the league, and he was instrumental in their championship last postseason.

8.     Jayson Tatum, SG, Boston – Everyday the 76ers wake up and realize they essentially traded away Jayson Tatum for a player that’s not even on their team anymore. Imagine a lineup featuring Embiid, Tatum, and Simmons. But I digress. At just 23, Tatum is already one of the best players in the league.

9.     James Harden, SG, Brooklyn Nets – Harden completes the Nets’ Exodia lineup. He has always been a fantastic scorer but this year he’s pitching in with the assists as well.

10.  Zion Williamson, PF, New Orleans – Zion is the youngest player on this list at just 20 years old. He doesn’t play in a big market but he’s been the most hyped up player coming out of the draft since Lebron. So far, his stats prove that he was worth the hype.

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What Team Has Sold The Most Merchandise?

Los Angeles Lakers

No surprise here that the most popular team in the league has also sold the most merchandise. It certainly helps that they have the best player of his generation in Lebron James on their roster, and that they just won the NBA championship last season.

This year, the rivals are strong and there will be many coming from the king’s crown. We’ll have to see if Lebron and the Lakers can recreate another Lakers dynasty by repeating.

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