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Excellent Cleat with a Unique Look – Under Armour Highlight MC Review (Product Guide)

The Under Armour Highlight MC looks like magic space boots… but don’t be fooled! This unique pair of cleats has tons of cutting-edge and industry-first technology that makes it more than just an aesthetically pleasing cleat.

In fact, these cleats feel like magic space booties, with its supportive, lightweight construction and all of Under Armour’s most advanced cleat technology.

Simply put, these are some of the most comfortable cleats on the market. By wearing them, they feel like your second skin.

Let’s take a closer look in this informative Under Armour Highlight MC review!

Overview of the Under Armour Highlight MC

Under Armour is widely known for its stylish, body-hugging garments and athletic wear. It’s less known for its football cleats – with the cleat market mostly dominated by Nike and Adidas.

However, with the Highlight MC, Under Armour is trying to claim a foothold in the cleat industry. With a highly-engineered cleat that delivers complete comfort and increased stability exactly where you need it, plus a number of under-the-hood features complemented by Under Armour’s patented sleek style, the Highlight MC makes a good case as a top-end cleat.



Things To Consider Before Buying Cleats

It’s not just a matter of finding cleats that fit in your budget range. You also have to find the right cleat for you.

Below are the three main factors to consider before purchasing a pair of cleats.

#1 The Position You Play

Most cleats aren’t made to be suitable for all football playing positions. Each position requires different features and benefits out of their cleats. 

For example, linemen need to dig deep into the trenches to make or shed a block. This means they likely prefer cleats with a powerful traction system and ankle support in the form of high-tops. 

Skill players, on the other hand, might find high-tops too heavy to wear, opting instead for low-top cleats that enhance agility and speed.

Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind the position you’re playing when researching cleats. In fact, you might even want to look up what type of cleats a pro player wears! If those cleats are out of your budget, you could look for a cheaper option in the same line.

#2 Comfort

Wearing comfortable cleats is the most important thing for a player. After all, these are the shoes that are going to propel you as you sprint down the field to make a game-saving tackle or catch a hail mary.

Even if your cleats are loaded with innovative technology, it would be worthless if you’re not comfortable wearing them. The pain will only take over what your cleat has to offer.

Therefore, make sure you fit and test your cleats before purchasing. Ensure you feel 100% comfortable in the cleats that will lead you to victory, and maybe the Superbowl someday.

If you’re ordering cleats online, make sure you get the right size. Some cleats can run narrow, large, or even small. Make sure you do your research before purchasing – just because you normally wear a size 9 doesn’t mean you’ll be ordering size 9 cleats. As you research, be particular if the cleats fit true to size.

#3 Appearance


The appearance of the cleats matters too.

It might seem vain, but looking good on the gridiron gives you a psychological boost. If you look like you’re wearing a pair of speedrunners, you’ll start to feel like a speedrunner yourself. And if you leap into the endzone thanks to that little touch of speed, your teammates and coaches won’t care how vain you are.

Features and Benefits of the Under Armour Highlight MC


Although the UA Highlight MC is chock-full of features and technological advancements, including a high-top style that provides superior ankle protection, these cleats are still extremely light. It only weighs 12.8 ounces, which is lighter than many low-top cleats.

Strategic Cleat Arrangement

With the Highlight MC, Under Armour added a Scatter Traction cleat plate with the purpose of supporting explosive movements in every direction. This feature encourages powerful traction to dig into the ground and cut, juke, and spin in any orientation you need to get into the endzone.

ua cleat position

In fact, Under Armour molded the high-tech PlasmaX Plate on the cleats to match the exact anatomy of a player’s foot, so that the cleats can precisely mimic and extend the foot action down to the turf level.[1]

Each strategically placed rubber molded cleat provides aggressive traction while providing a lightweight, comfortable feel.

Design and Material

Under Armour used its patented ClutchFit technology for the Highlight MC. The ClutchFit technology is the same body-hugging material Under Armour uses for its clothing. It’s purpose is to create a second-skin sleeve that perfectly hugs the wearer’s foot.

Paired with the newly engineered synthetics that are strategically placed in the upper to provide breathable comfort and stability, the Under Armour Highlight MC has an unparalleled fit.

ua 12

4D Support

Everything about the Under Armour Highlight MC is designed to be extremely lightweight, and that includes its supportive construction.

At the top of the cleat is a 3D molded tongue layered with a molded 4D Foam footbed. This is an awesome feature because the footbed conforms to your foot’s exact shape, ensuring a great fit all around. 

The molded 4D Foam eliminates any slippage and reduces cleat pressure, keeping your foot locked-in as you spring off the line of scrimmage.[2]

Moreover, Under Armour added its patented V56 Technology, which keeps your toes safe and secure from other players’ studs and helps prevent hyper-extensions in your toes.

Ultra Sleek Appearance

Thanks to their high-top design, the UA Highlight MC looks like bold boxing shoes. The metallic Under Armor logo stands prominently on the toe of the cleat.

ua 123

A different cut in the upper of the cleat allows for a more custom fit, as the laces can wrap in customizable ways. This wasn’t the case in earlier versions of the Highlight MC.

There are also several options for colorways, most of which come in a beautiful two-tone color, making it easy to find a cleat that matches your team’s colors.

What Players are Saying About the Under Armour Highlight MC

Here are some highlights of the reviews we found online, many of which are positive.

“Excellent protection”

“Best ankle support”

“Breathable and perfect for all field conditions”

“Good traction”


The 3D molded tongue increases comfort by offering forward lean support and flex control while reducing fatigue, all of which lead to a better fit. 

Yes, the High-rebound SuperFoam® insole gives you unrivaled shock absorption & comfort through its 3D molded tongue, second-skin sleeve and extreme light-weight feel.

The triangular studs deliver greater traction in all directions. The triangular form enables for razor sharp cuts and explosive traction.

Yes, the sole is a manmade purely synthetic sole which delivers secure support and comfort.

Final Words

The Under Armour Highlight MC provides unparalleled protection and comfort. It’s especially useful to those playing at the power running-back, tight end, defensive end, position receiver, linebacker and safety positions. 

The cleats’ 3D molded tongue, second-skin sleeve, triangular studs, V56 technology, and extreme lightweight give players a sense of security knowing they can rely on the Under Armor Highlight MC cleat.

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