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What Are Color Rush Jerseys

Color Rush jerseys are alternate uniforms that teams were required to wear during Thursday Night Football.

The concept behind the uniforms was to have a color-versus-color matchup, where each team would wear one solid color from head to toe, with some team-specific accents to add a little pizzazz.

Some teams continue to wear color rush jerseys, but most do not. When Thursday Night Football moved to Fox in 2018, the NFL no longer required teams to wear color rush jerseys.

Some teams, like the Philadelphia Eagles, continue to wear color rush jerseys because they are exactly the same as their alternate jerseys anyway, while other teams, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, discontinued the color rush after uniform changes.

Other teams, like the Seattle Seahawks, just plain stopped wearing color rush because the jerseys were so bad.

Overall, most fans disliked the color rush jersey, which is why they were discontinued.

What Happened To NFL Color Rush?

Color Rush jerseys were discontinued once Fox bought the broadcasting rights to Thursday Night Football.

However, teams were allowed to continue using Color Rush jerseys as standard third jerseys, which some teams like the Patriots, Chiefs, Eagles, and Brown continue to do.

The truth, as well, was that the Color Rush jerseys were an eyesore, and many times the combination of uniforms looked awful to watch.

Most fans won’t miss seeing the Seahawks wearing neon-green from head to toe or those Jacksonville-Tennessee games.

Will There Be A Color Rush In 2022?

Some teams will continue to use Color Rush jerseys, but most won’t. Either way, the NFL does not require teams to wear them anymore, so it’s all up to the teams to decide.

The Eagles, for example, technically will be wearing their all-black Color Rush jerseys, but they’ve been wearing these all-blacks as alternates since 2013.

The Ravens, too, will wear all-purple jerseys, but the purple on the pants differs slightly than the purple on their original Color Rush jersey.

Why Are The Patriots Wearing Color Rush?

Unlike most Color Rush jerseys, the Pats’ jersey wasn’t detested by all fans. In fact, the navy blue uniforms look quite good and modern, which is the primary reason they’re coming back.

However, these aren’t considered ‘Color Rush’ jerseys – they’re simply considered alternates that happen to be the same color from head to toe.

It’s also important to note that the Pats can wear these jerseys whenever they please, whereas Color Rush jerseys could previously only be worn on Thursday night.

Are Color Rush Jerseys Stitched?

Color Rush jerseys come in the same editions as any other jersey: Game and Authentic.

The jerseys worn during games by players on the field are the Authentic jerseys.

They feature hand-sewn numbers and nameplates, with some premium decal finishes.

Game jerseys, meanwhile, are those that you will find most commonly in stores.

They utilize screen-printed letters and numbers. The Game jerseys look very similar to more expensive equivalents, but the quality is just not there.

Where To Buy Color Rush Jerseys?

NFL Shop – The NFL Shop is simply the best place to find the highest quality Color Rush Jerseys. You’ll find a number of different Color Rush jerseys as well as alternate jerseys with several options in terms of players.

Fanatics – Fanatics carries the same load as the NFL Shop. You’ll be able to customize your Color Rush jersey with personalized names and numbers. Along with the NFL Shop, this is one of the most reputable vendors on the market for Color Rush gear. 

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