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What are the Best Quality NFL Jerseys to Buy

Football jerseys come in different varieties.

There are various categories of authentic jerseys which are recognized by NFL. If you are a football enthusiast, you should know the subtle and obvious differences between the different kinds of jerseys available in the market.

With so many variants, how to choose the best jersey to buy? What’s the difference between expensive and cheap jerseys? How do you spot a fake?

Our guide below outlines all you need to know when it comes to picking the right NFL jersey.

Authentic Nike Elite NFL Jerseys Nike was chosen as the official manufacturer or NFL jerseys in the year 2012. The company actually has multiple NFL jersey lines.

The ones worn by professionals while playing are called Elite. These are designed to give optimum performance while playing; they are customized and fit perfectly. Real Nike NFL Elite jerseys are made of an amalgam of nylon and spandex.

This material is both durable and breathable and allows fluidity in movement. The material is water proof, which helps during practices and game sessions or while cheering for your team in the rain. The body and the mesh are separate which makes it much more comfortable to wear. Fly wire ensures that the collars don’t stretch out of shape.

Elite jerseys are also quite stretchable to accommodate athletes of different sizes. The jersey has hand sewn numbers on it while the Nike logo is made using appliqué.

Nike Elite NFL jerseys are on the expensive side with prices starting from 200$. Nike NFL Limited Jerseys Nike Limited NFL jerseys have a very strong physical resemblance to the Elite jerseys. They are both utilitarian and fashionable.

The NFL Limited jerseys are completely polyester made. They are designed to be custom fit, but their stretching abilities are no match for the Elite jerseys. Nike Limited NFL jerseys come in conventional sizes of medium, large and extra-large. The Nike patch is attached through embroidery on this line of jerseys. These are not as expensive as Elites but are generally in the price range of 100$+.

Nike Game NFL Jerseys Nike Game NFL jerseys are the most commonly found jerseys. These are the ones which are generally found in stores. All the logos are digitally printed. They might lack the quality of their more expensive counterparts but they are rough and tough and perfect for practices and everyday use.

Much like jerseys in other sports, the Game jerseys look like exact replicas but the difference is in the make and quality. The sizing is also different on these jerseys when compared to elite jerseys. These jerseys are more affordably priced at around 80$ to 100$ range.

NFL Pro Line Jerseys Pro Line jerseys are almost identical to NFL Game Jerseys except for the fact that they are not manufactured by Nike. These jerseys are licensed by the NFL and the logos and numbers are screen printed. They are generally made of polyester and are only sold in the NFL shop. These will set you back around 100$ per jersey.

Throwback Jerseys Football jerseys have been constantly modified and updated throughout the years. Some of those jerseys of the past are celebrated as classic designs and throwback jerseys are basically the revival of the timeless classics.

They are designed to imitate past designs and are a great way of showing tribute to the legends of the game. These jerseys have numbers and motifs from the past. They are generally manufactured by Reebok and Mitchell &Ness. A lot of them also feature commemorative patches.

Reebok NFL Throwback jerseys have a different make as compared to Mitchell & Ness jerseys. Reebok uses screen printed numbers along with a nylon mesh while Mitchell & Ness use embroidered numbers with a polyester mesh. Their prices change from era to era and rarity. They can cost anything between 100 to 300$.

When NFL changed companies from Reebok to Nike, there was a lot of speculation about the differences in the jerseys made by the two sporting goods behemoths. With the basic design being the same, the difference is between the material and make. Nike did not impose its own image on the jerseys and instead of opting to fiddle with the design, they decided to make the jerseys more ergonomic and ideal for athletic endeavors.

These jerseys are made of lighter fabric which fits better and has much higher stretchability for freedom of movement. The jerseys are made to help players move. The new Nike NFL Jersey is made of state of the art methods which make it a better alternative to the old Reebok jersey.

There are fake NFL Reebok and Nike jerseys in the market and it is always a good idea to acquaint yourself with the knowledge of recognizing a fake jersey. If a NFL jersey features the Reebok vector graphic in an embroidered form, you should understand that it’s a fake. Nike tried to curb counterfeiting by introducing rubber shields with the NFL insignia onto the collars which are very difficult to fake and it seems to be working. If the shields are embroidered in the collar, it is more likely than not a fake jersey.

Nike NFL Jerseys have no collar tags as they can be a nuisance while playing. Fake jerseys are of course cheaper as compared to the original product but they serve their purpose. If you want a jersey which you can wear in or around the house then the fakes are perfect for you. However, you should know how to spot fake jerseys in case someone tries to con you by selling you a fake at the price of an original.

You should always look at the printing on the number of the jersey. If there is any fraying of the fabric or bubbling or the font is not right, you can be certain that it is a fake. Authentic jerseys also tend to last longer than the fake ones so it ends up being a good deal.

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