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What Size NBA Jersey Should I Buy?

What size NBA jersey you should buy will always depend on your own height and weight.

You should measure around the fullest part of your chest under the arms for your total chest circumference, and then you should match these numbers to the charts below.

Keep in mind that this won’t answer all of your sizing questions right away.

You’ll also need to factor in the type of NBA jersey you’re looking at, your budget, and how you plan on wearing your jersey.

These important factors will help you decide if you should size up or size down.

NBA Jersey Size Chart

What NBA Jersey Size Should You Get? 

Tip #1 How Do You Plan On Wearing Your Jersey?

Do you need a jersey to play pickup at the Y, or are you planning on wearing your jersey on a night out on the town?

Knowing the answer to this will help determine whether you should size up, size down, or stay true to size.

If you’re planning on wearing an NBA jersey casually, you might want to consider sizing up, because chances are you’ll need extra room to wear something underneath, like a hoodie or a sweater.

Then again, you may not mind showing off your guns, so you might consider sizing down for a more contoured fit.

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Tip #2 What Kind Of NBA Jersey Are You Buying?

There are 4 different types of NBA jersey: Authentic, Swingman, Replica and Throwbacks.

Authentic NBA jerseys are practically the jerseys the pros wear, with all of the same premium finishes and decals.

They are also the longest jerseys on the market, as they’re made to be tucked in while playing. In fact, they run between 1.5 to 2.5 inches longer than the Swingman jerseys.

They also offer an athletic, slim look, and fits slim through the shoulders and chest.

Swingman jerseys, meanwhile, are the next rank down, and while they don’t offer all of the same premium finishes as Authentic jerseys, they still fit and look the same overall.

Swingmans fit snugly around the chest and offer a very athletic, slim fit. If you’re hoping for a baggier look, I’d recommend you go one size up.

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If you’re between sizes, I’d also recommend to size up the Nike Swingman.

Replica jerseys are the baggiest jerseys available, as the shoulders are built wide and the jersey fits loose through the stomach to the waist.

This means that you should not need to size up a Replica jersey, as they fit true to size.

Last are Throwback jerseys, which are manufactured by Mitchell and Ness.

In general, Throwbacks fit true to size while still offering an athletic look. You may want to size up for these if you’re between two measurements or if you plan on wearing something underneath your jersey.

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Tip #3 What Is Your Budget?

Your budget will determine what kind of jersey you’re in the market for which will, in turn, determine the size you should get.

Swingman and Authentic jerseys run small, so there is a good chance you may have to size up if you’re looking at these kinds of jerseys.

Then, there are the replicas, which are the cheapest and for many people the most realistic option.

They feature screen-printed names and numbers with larger, looser holes in the sleeves and neck. You’ll probably want to size up if you’re in the market for Replica jerseys.

Throwback jerseys are a little more difficult to shop for, as even though they’re supposed to fit true to size, it’s been reported by some that the size depends on the jersey itself.

For example, a Lakers Magic Johnson might fit you fine, but a Bulls Michael Jordan jersey at the same size might run a little large.

You’ll have to try these on in person first to be sure. However, the NBA Store does have a generous return policy so you shouldn’t be too worried if you make a mistake. Check out our guide on where is the best place to buy your NBA jerseys and top selling NBA Jerseys.

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