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What Size NFL Jersey Should I Buy

If you’re shopping for an NFL jersey, the process may feel overwhelming. Not only are there tons of jerseys on offer, but you also have no idea what size NFL jersey you should buy.

We here at GameDayr understand your stress, so that’s why we’re here to help you find the right size NFL jersey.

The first thing to factor in is your own height and weight.

You should measure around the fullest part of your chest under the arms for your total chest circumference, and then you should match these numbers to the charts below.

Keep in mind that this won’t answer all of your sizing questions right away.

You’ll also need to factor in some considerations which we’ve listed below.

These will help you decide if you should size up or size down.

Jersey Measurements

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Are NFL jerseys supposed to be big?

Some types of NFL jerseys, like the Game editions, are sized a little larger to allow you to wear a hoodie, sweater or T-shirt underneath.

If your measurements are between two sizes, I recommend ordering the smaller size, especially if you’re looking for a tighter fit.

However, if you plan on wearing clothes underneath your jersey, I recommend buying the next size up jersey so that you ensure a comfortable fit.

What NFL Jersey Size Should You Get?

Tip 1: What Kind Of Jersey Are You Buying?

Are you buying a Legend edition jersey or a Game edition? If you’re not sure yet, you may want to familiarize yourself with the different types of NFL jerseys.

There are 4 overall: Elite, Limited, Legend and Game.

The Nike Elite jerseys are Nike’s premium offering, and they give you the most athletic fit with elastic sleeves that hug the arms and contour the body.

The Elites are also the longest of all the jerseys, which means they’re good for tucking into your uniform if you plan on playing football in them.

If you’re thinking about buying the Nike Elites, you will want to order a size closest to your measurements, as a size up or down will make them too baggy or too tight, respectively.

Then, there’s the Limited and Legend editions, which offer the closest thing to a regular fit.

These sit a little boxy on your frame, like a T-Shirt, so you can order these true to size as well.

Finally we have the Nike Game jerseys, which are the jerseys you see most people wearing.

The fit on the Game jerseys is relaxed and a little looser than the Limited and Legend jerseys, but still fit true to size.

That means that if you plan on wearing something underneath, a good option is order one size up to make room.

But as these are the baggiest of all the jerseys, you may in fact need to size down if you want something that fits you nicely.

For more information you may check out King Leonidas video on highlighting the difference between Elite, Limited, Legend, and game. Nike also wrote a guide on the topic. 

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Tip #2 What Is Your Budget?

If you’re looking for a slimmer, more athletic fit, you’ll have to get the Nike Elites, as these feature elastic sleeves and a design that reduces the amount of paneling so that the jersey lies nice and flat against your body.

The drawback to this is that these are Nike’s most authentic and premium NFL jerseys, meaning you’ll have to part with $350.

The Limited and Legend jerseys, meanwhile, offer a little less tapered cut but still fit nicely like a well-hemmed T-Shirt, so you could just drop down in price without seeing much of a drop in quality.

Then there are the Game jerseys, which are the cheapest and for many people the most realistic option.

They feature screen-printed names and numbers with longer, looser sleeves that drop around your elbow.

Those that have been doing bicep curls all summer may want to bump their budget back up.

However, if you’ve settled on a Game jersey, and you plan to wear it for fashion purposes, I’d recommend you size down, even two sizes down, if you want the jersey to look slimmer against your frame. 

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