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What Size Nike NFL Jersey Should I Buy?

There is no blanket answer to the question, “What size Nike NFL Jersey should I buy?

But a good base to start from is to measure your torso, waist and hips, and compare them to the sizing chart above.

Then, we’ll dive deeper to help you figure out exactly what size NFL jersey you should buy.

What Size Nike NFL Jersey Should I Buy?

So much of an answer to this question depends on the type of jersey you’re getting, how you’re planning on wearing it and what your budget is. Read this article if you are looking for the best places to buy.

On top of all this, you’ll have to factor in your own height and weight.

Then, factoring in the considerations we’ve listed below, you’ll have to decide if you want to size up or size down.

Tip #1: Type of Jersey

In the picture below are two different types of NFL jerseys (Nike Legend and Nike Game), both sized medium. As you can see, there’s a big difference in sizing depending on the type of jersey you get.

There are 4 different types of jerseys: Elite, Limited, Legend, and Game.

The Nike Elite Jersey offers the most athletic fit, with elastic sleeves that hug the arms and contour the body.

The Elite is also the longest of all jerseys, which makes it good for tucking in if you plan on playing football in it.

The Limited and Legend jerseys are closest to your regular fit. The Legend, in particular, fits like a standard T-shirt. 

The Nike Limited, meanwhile, sits flat against the body, and is true to size.

Nike Game jerseys are the most commonly bought jerseys, as they’re available at a cost-effective price point.

The fit on the Game jerseys is relaxed and a little looser than the Limited and Legend jerseys but still fit true to size, so these are a good option if you plan on wearing something underneath.

These are the baggiest of all the jerseys, and you may need to size down if you want something that fits nicely.

Tip #2: Usage

How do you plan on using your jersey?

Will you be wearing shirts, hoodies or other layers under your football jersey? Are you planning on playing football with pads in the jersey? Then you may want to consider sizing up.

If you’re planning on wearing the jersey for fashion, you may prefer the more tapered and fitted cut that a size down will give you.

Tips #3: Budget

If you want a slimmer, more athletic fit, you’ll have to go for the Nike Elites as these jerseys offer elastic sleeves and a design that reduces the amount of paneling so that the jersey lies nice and flat against your body.

The downside is that these are also the most expensive jerseys on the market, retailing for about $350.

That’s not necessarily an amount of money everyone is comfortable dropping, so you might be more interested in the Limited and Game versions.

The Game jerseys are the cheapest option and feature screen-printed names and numbers, and have longer, looser sleeves that drop to around your elbow.

If you’re looking at a Game jersey to wear for fashion purposes, I’d recommend you size down so that the jersey looks slimmer against your frame.

The Limited jerseys are the in-between options, and have hand-sewn numbers and nameplates, though at a slightly worse quality than the Elite jerseys. 

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