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When Does Nike Take Over NBA Jerseys

Nike took over production of NBA jerseys during the 2017-2018 season.

They will hold the exclusive license to NBA jerseys for all NBA teams through the 2024-2025 season.

Obtaining the exclusive license to all NBA jerseys didn’t come cheap, as Nike reportedly paid $1 billion to do so!

Apparently, this represented a 245 percent increase from the NBA’s previous deal with Adidas.

Does Nike Hold Any Other Licenses?

Fans of the NFL will know the answer to this question.

Nike also holds the exclusive rights to all NFL jerseys, something they’ve owned since 2012.

Originally, the deal was supposed to hold until the 2019 season, but the NFL and Nike agreed to an extension that will run until the 2028 season.

This deal was also valued at $1 billion. That’s a lot of billions Nike’s got rolling around!

Recently, Nike struck a deal with the MLB to supply all footwear, outwear and jerseys for MLB players and fans.

This is a deal that will last 10-years, replacing long-time Majestic Athletic as the official supplier. The financial terms of this deal, however, were not disclosed.

Does Nike Make Throwback Jerseys?

All throwback jerseys are made by Mitchell & Ness.

They started making throwbacks in 1999 by introducing its Hardwood Classics collection of basketball jerseys.

These jerseys are of the same caliber as Nike jerseys, and come in the same format of editions: Authentic and Swingman.

How Does Nike Design NBA Jerseys?

Nike took a lot of time to hear from NBA players about their preferences when refurbishing the NBA uniforms.

They outfitted 3D body maps of players to study where heat and sweat accumulate in the jersey, and as a result the new uniforms are lighter, have a different fit and the overall construction of them has changed.

The Nike jerseys are better at wicking away moisture and the arm and neck holes offer more range of motion.

There’s also some high-tech gear in the jerseys, like Nike Connect, which lets fans scan the jersey to get exclusive NBA content on their favorite player. 

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