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Why Are Jerseys So Expensive? Here Are 3 Tips For You To Save Money

We all know buying your team’s jersey is the ultimate way to show loyalty and devotion to your team. 

But we’ve also all been there, scrolling endlessly through the shop, asking ourselves “why are jerseys so expensive?” 

It’s true, just one look at the NFL Shop shows that the cheapest jerseys are $100, with NBA and MLB jerseys not far behind. 

In this article, we’ll talk about why jerseys really are so expensive, and ways for you to save some money, so that you don’t have to break the bank to rep your favorite team.

Why Are Jerseys So Expensive?

The long and short answer is that jerseys are generally expensive because of capitalism, and because for many leagues like the NFL and NBA there exists only one sole official provider of their jerseys.

Since no competition exists, jerseys can sell at whatever price they believe people will buy them for. And since people will always want to support their favorite team, there is a ton of consumer demand.

There is also the fact that the quality of these jerseys accounts for the cost, as most jerseys are made of mesh or polyester.

Factoring in the fine quality of the branding, decals, name plates and jersey numbers, production costs to make jerseys are simply higher than other cotton-based garments.

Reason #1: Monopoly

If you’re searching for Carson Wentz’s new Colts jersey, you can only get it from one supplier: Nike. That means that Nike can effectively charge a premium if they so want, since consumers have nowhere else to turn to.

It’s simply a fundamental law of economics, and in a monopoly market only the seller can set the price.

Unfortunately, most of the major leagues have continued the practice of having a single licensed merchandiser, but as I’ll show you later, there are other ways to buy jerseys for cheap.

Reason #2: Connection of the fanbase to the team

The Church used to own Sundays, now the NFL does. That should tell you about the emotional connection fans have with their teams.

Most people support one team for their entire lives, and are just itching to show their fandom to the world.

Of course, providers of jerseys know this, and know that they can increase the price of jerseys little by little every year. The demand for jerseys will always exist.

Reason #3: Quality

A big reason why jerseys are more expensive is the quality by which they are made.

NFL jerseys, for example, have finished seams and neckbands and offer a clean, authentic look, while side mesh panels promote airflow and release moisture from sweat.

NBA jerseys, meanwhile, are sleek, stylish, and can be worn out even in casual situations.

The main benefit is that, unlike knock-offs, these won’t get ruined in the wash and will look as authentic and genuine as can be.

Sure, you might pay a little more, but the cost of having a jersey from your favorite team that will last you many, many seasons is well worth the price difference.

Tips To Save Money on Jerseys 

#1: Buy Cheap

Between online retailers like Fanatics, DhGate and others, there are plenty of options for fans looking to find authentic jerseys at a discount.

Luckily for you, I’ve already curated several articles on the best places to buy cheap NFL, NBA, and MLB jerseys.

I’ve found that for NBA and MLB jerseys, Fanatics is the best place to find threads on sale, while you’ll find an abundance of cheap basketball and baseball jerseys on Eastbay.

#2: The Offseason

The offseason is always a time when retailers will be looking to get rid of old stock in favour of new.

Sometimes, teams will make small adjustments to their jersey, like tweaking a stripe or two, and this will result in huge discounts on last year’s apparel.

#3: Black Friday or Other Holiday Sales

It’s common for sites like Fanatics to hold “Easter Sales” and the like, but this is especially true on Black Friday, which occurs the Friday after Thanksgiving in America.

You’ll be able to find jerseys as much as 60% off, and there are usually deals that involve buying one jersey and getting another at a large discount. You may also visit the following pages for clearance sales:

If you have some patience, I suggest waiting for these bargain bin types of sales.

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