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Why Don’t The Yankees Have Names On Their Jerseys?

The main reason the Yankees don’t have names on their jerseys is tradition.

The MLB has never required names on the back of jerseys, so the Yankees never adopted the style. Other teams, influenced by the NFL, have done so but the Yanks remain steadfast.

Truthfully, however, there are other reasons why the Yankees don’t have names on their jersey.

Some of it has to do with philosophy, and some of it has to do with money.

Why Don’t The Yankees Have Names On The Back Of Their Jerseys?

Reason #1 Tradition

Baseball uniforms didn’t have any numbers or names until the early 1900s.

Now, you might ask, “then why did the Yankees adopt numbers?”

The reason is because the MLB required numbers on the back of jerseys in 1931, though they never required names.

Originally, numbers were meant to correspond with the player’s position and it served as the only means of identifying players.

In the interest of tradition, the Yanks have followed suit and have never deviated from their “no name” position.

Reason #2 Profit

Part of the reason the Yankees have stuck with not having names on the back of their jerseys is because the Yanks use it as a way of selling score cards and programs.

Buying a program was the only way fans could know who was on the field and at the place for each game, so this was an opportune way to make a buck.

It wasn’t as capitalistic as it sounds though. Many fans enjoyed buying the programs because it served as a baseball souvenir. It was certainly more reliable to buy a program than hope for a foul ball to fly into your glove!

Reason #3 Team Effort

The Yankees firmly believe that no one player is bigger than the organization.

That means that playing for the Yankees is a team effort first. Personal records and accolades come second!

As such, when you join the Yankees you’re essentially giving a piece of your individuality to the overall identity of the team.

The logo on the front is more important than the name on the back.

The Yankees are, historically, one of if not the greatest franchises in sports of all time, so this team-first philosophy has definitely helped them win some hardware. 

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