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Pro Technology for a Football Youth Helmet – Xenith Epic Helmet Review & Buyer’s Guide

Xenith, one of the leading manufacturers of helmets at the varsity level, returns with a Youth version of their renowned and critically acclaimed Xenith Epic+.

Discover the features of this helmet in this detailed Youth Xenith Epic Helmet Review.

An Overview of the Xenith Epic+

The Xenith Youth Epic+ was designed for youth players and for those who are in the intermediate levels. This football helmet is available in youth sizes of small to XL.

With a polycarbonate shell that is designed for high level impacts, and a number of returning features from the Xenith Epic+, the Xenith Youth Epic+ footbal helmet provides ultimate durability, comfort, and protection.



Things to Consider When Buying a Helmet: Having The Right Fit

One of the primary factors to consider when buying a youth football helmet is whether the player should be wearing a youth-sized helmet in the first place.

There is no specific rule on when a youth athlete should upgrade to an adult helmet, but the general consensus in the football community is that a player should upgrade to an adult helmet when he turns 14 or when playing the child reaches high school.

Since the Xenith Youth Epic+ football helmet is made of polycarbonate shell, players weighing under 100 pounds should avoid wearing this helmet as the shell may be too heavy for their necks. However, this also depends on the strength of the player and whether the helmet fits properly.

How to Get the Right Fit

To optimize a helmet’s fit, you have to first measure the circumference of the player’s forehead with a measuring tape. Afterward, check the sizing charts for the most appropriate size.

Have your youth footballer wet his hair before trying on the helmet. This mimics game conditions, therefore giving him an accurate feel. Check to see whether the helmet sits an inch above his brow, with the ear holes lining up with the ears.

The next thing you should do is to fasten the chin strap. However, you shouldn’t use the strap to tighten the helmet. If you need to use the strap to tighten the helmet, this is a sign that the helmet is still loose.

Overall, you should aim for a snug but comfortable fit.[1] This also ensures that the helmet is properly fitted for your safety. 

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Tug at the helmet from left to right and up and down to ensure the helmet is tight, then place hands on the crown of the helmet to apply pressure. Ask your child if he feels pressure throughout his head. If he says yes, then that’s a sign of a good fit. However, if the pressure is localized in the back or the front of the head, this is a sign that the helmet is still too loose.

Features and Benefits of the Xenith Youth Epic+

The Xenith Youth Epic+ football helmet provides a professional level technology to secure optimize protection for a young footballer’s head. Here are the top features and benefits this particular helmet offers:

Available Sizes

The Xenith Youth Epic+ comes in youth sizes from S to XL. Typically, there is a surcharge for XL sizes. Xenith offers a size guide so you can find the appropriate size for your future football star.

Color Options

The Xenith Youth Epic+ comes in 18 standard paint colors: Black, Matte Black, Burnt Orange, Cardinal, Dark Green, Gold, Grey, Metallic Silver, Metallic Vegas Gold, Maroon, Navy, Matte Navy, Purple, Royal Blue, Scarlet, White and Matte White.

You also have the option to choose the color White or Black for its bonnet and bumpers.

Epic Technology

The Xenith Youth Epic+ features the same Epic Technology as its Varsity Epic+ counterpart. This includes the patented Adaptive Head Protection System, which provides a custom fit without the need for air pumps.

This is achieved through FitBand, a band that cinches to the head, and Fitlock, a high-density foam pad that conforms to the wearer’s occipital bone. Moreover, you can reposition the 3DX Jaw Guard for the most ergonomic and customizable fit.

Furthermore, XRD and VN comfort pads provide additional comfort on the inside of the helmet as well as resistance to high-velocity impacts.

Epic Shock Technology & Prime Facemask

There are six vents on each side of the helmet to maximize airflow and keep the head cool during play. Plus, there are compression liners on the inside of the helmet that act as a suspension system, allowing the helmet and shell to move independently, minimizing the force of rotational impacts.[2]

All in all, the Xenith Youth Epic+ truly offers pro-level performance in a youth helmet.

The Xenith Youth Epic+ has multi-stage shock absorbers, which work together to general multiple levels of counteracting force against linear and rotational impacts.

During these linear and rotational impacts, the bonnet of the helmet actually de-couples from the helmet, which enables the head to move independently from the shell.

This gives the helmet some flexibility that prevents “snapping” of the neck considering a high-cause of concussion risks.

Moreover, the Xenith Youth Epic+ is equipped with Aware Flow shock-absorbing technology and includes a Prime facemask which provides a wide range of vision without compromising protection.

The Prime facemask is constructed of carbon steel and is coated with polyethylene powder coating to maximize strength and durability.

What Buyers are Saying About the Xenith Youth Epic+

We checked for reviews on the Internet about the Xenith Youth Epic+ and found several  positive entries.

“No more headaches or sore heads”

“Convenience in the ease of fitting”

“Better fit, build quality, and comfort”


The primary difference between the Epic+ and the X2E+ is that the X2E+ has its own, re-designed set of shock absorber technology, while the Epic+ features a 3DX Chin cup, a new FitLock system, and a multi-staged shock absorber technology.

Both meet NOCSAE Standards, are 5-star rated by the Virginia Tech STAR rating system, and can be worn at any level of play.

Yes, Xenith helmets are approved for use in all leagues, as they all pass NOCSAE Standards, which distinguishes what helmets are appropriate to be worn in pro, semi-pro and amateur leagues.

What’s more, many of Xenith’s helmets have been awarded 5-star Virginia Tech ratings, with the lowest score being 4-stars. Therefore, not only are Xenith helmets approved in all leagues, they are mostly recommended for their cutting-edge safety technology.

To order Xenith replacement parts and accessories, you can simply call their customer service at 866-888-2322, or check out Xenith’s Accessories page by clicking here.

Xenith has authorized reconditioners throughout the country, which you can find simply by clicking here.

You can clean your helmet and interior comfort pads by washing them thoroughly with mild dish soap, then rinsing with water and leaving them to air dry.

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Final Words

Many helmet manufacturers end up skimping out on features when designing youth helmets, as they tend to increase its overall weight.

However, with Epic Technology and shock absorbers, Xenith has managed to reproduce the same pro-level performance of the Xenith Epic+ in a youth helmet.

With compression liners buffed by shock absorber technology, this Xenith helmet maximizes safety and protection while attenuating impact energy, while the Prime facemask ensures excellent field of vision and clarity.

While this youth football helmet is not the best helmet on the market, it is certainly top tier. The Xenith Youth Epic+ is optimal for those who want to enhance their performances, particularly players at skill positions, while maintaining a degree of safety.

Check out the Xenith Youth Epic+ here for more information.


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