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Is the Xenith Shadow Football Helmet Worth the Investment (Reviewed)?

There are a ton of football helmets available for any level of football player to purchase online and in stores. With the variety of choices, most players or parents find it difficult to choose.

We’ve written a number of football helmet reviews on our website, but this article focuses on one particular head equipment – the Xenith Shadow Football Helmet.

Let’s dive in the details of what this helmet offers and if it’s worth your investment!

Overview of the Xenith Shadow

In fact, Virginia Tech has awarded the Xenith Shadow a remarkably low score of 3.35 (lower is better)[1] , making this football helmet one of the highest rated on the market.

Xenith’s latest helmet is unique with its use of material – a new polymer that manages to disperse, mitigate and re-distribute the force of an impact.  

What’s more, a thoughtfully engineered, streamlined design makes the Xenith Shadow light and responsive, allowing the wearer to be as agile on the field as possible while maintaining a snug and stable fit.

Overall, the Xenith Shadow football helmet offers athletes the protection, fit, and comfort to be quick and speedy on the field while feeling unencumbered by concerns for safety.



2 Primary Factors to Consider Before Buying a Helmet

A helmet is the single most important piece of equipment a football player will have to wear, so the choice of which helmet to buy and use on the field should never be taken lightly.

Thus, here are two factors to look into before buying a helmet:

#1 Standard-Approved

First, ensure that the helmet you are considering to purchase has been approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSCAE), as they hold helmet manufacturers to a standard of safety that is of utmost importance to preventing injuries to the jaw, teeth, or brain.

If there is no proof that your chosen helmet has been approved by the NOCSCAE, that simply means that it isn’t fit to protect the head when using the helmet for extreme contact sports.[2]

#2 Fit

Next, you must consider whether the helmet fits correctly.

To know if a helmet fits properly, first measure the circumference of the athlete’s forehead, cross-referencing with the manufacturer’s sizing chart for the most appropriate fit.

Then, try the helmet on with wet hair, to mimic game conditions. This will allow the wearer to feel if the helmet fits snug but still comfortable.

Pull the chin strap around, noting whether the strap latches easily, or whether the strap should be used to tighten the helmet. In the case of the latter, an adjustment to the fit must be made, as the chin strap should only latch and never tighten.

Lastly, tug at the helmet from side to side, then up and down to ensure the helmet is not loose. Have a second party apply pressure to the crown of the helmet.

If pressure is felt as evenly distributed, the helmet fits properly. If pressure localizes in the back or the front, the helmet is still too loose.

 See our expert written guide on football helmets review.

Xenith Shadow Features and Benefits

The Xenith Shadow, as one of the few 5-star rated helmets by Virginia Tech, is laden with features that will have the wearer feeling light but protected.

Industry-First Polymer Shell with Xenith’s Patented Shock Absorption

The Xenith Shadow features a completely novel innovative polymer shell that increases energy absorption and durability.

Making a return from Xenith’s line of helmets is its patented “Shock Bonnet” technology, ranked among the highest for its shock absorption.

What makes this technology so special is that the shock arrangement moves independently from the shell, giving greater protection from blindside hits which can occur at any time on the football field.

Designed with Comfort in Mind

The Xenith Shadow has an integrated occipital and jaw components that conform to the athlete’s head. Plus the 3DX Chin Cup not only better secures your helmet, but it also adapts to your face shape to give you a comfortable, custom fit that will last all season.

On top of that, the Xenith design team built the Xenith Shadow to increase comfort as much as to protect the athlete, so wearers will notice a number of quality-of-play technologies with the helmet throughout the course of the game.

For example, the helmet features an increased ventilation inside to deliver more breathability and airflow. Combined with larger ear holes, this helmet provides a comfortable fit and better on-field communication.

Additionally, the internal padding makes taking the helmet on and off much easier, and the balanced weight distribution built into the helmet gives the feeling of weightlessness, allowing the wearer to be as agile as possible.

Pair all that with a sleek aesthetic, and you have a helmet that will help athletes look good, feel good, and play good.

Here Are What People Saying About Xenith Shadow Helmet

We scoured the Internet and found some positive user reviews. Read them below! 

“Worth the cost of investment.”

"Best Helmet Ever."

“Comfort like no other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Xenith is a football company that was founded in 2006 and is now considered to be one of the top-end helmet manufacturers alongside Schutt Sports and Riddell, with an estimated 10% to 20% of the total market.

All of Xenith’s helmets are rated 5-stars by the Virginia Tech rating system, and Xenith Helmets consistently score in the Top-Performing Group of the NFL Helmet Laboratory Testing Performance Results.

Xenith employs about 100 people in Detroit during its summer production peak, where Xenith helmets are assembled, tested, painted and reconditioned in a warehouse in Fort Street.

While the helmet shells are manufactured in Sturgis, Michigan, the components for the insides of the helmets are made in China.

Antonio Brown, former wide receiver for the Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots, used to wear the Schutt AiR Advantage for the first nine years of his career, until he moved to Oakland. Since playing for the Raiders, Brown switched to the Xenith Shadow helmet, believing the helmet to make him more agile while allowing for better visibility.

Dan Gilbert, the owner of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers, owns Xenith as part of his sprawling business ventures.

Xenith is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

Final Words

Looking for a helmet that gives greater protection from a variety of impacts on the field, while offering a totally comfortable and weightless fit?

The Xenith Shadow has you covered in both regards, offering a helmet designed for protection, fit, comfort and feel. Shock Absorbers and internal padding re-distribute and mitigate the force of impacts, while the sleek, aesthetic look of the helmet, combined with its weightless design, will have you feeling as agile as ever.

Check out the Xenith Shadow  and never worry about player safety again.



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